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Aug 8, 2017
Aug 8, 2002
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Canuck Amateur, from North of GTA, ON, Canada

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Aug 8, 2017
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    North of GTA, ON, Canada
    Current Setup:
    Sadowsky Metro RV5 PJ
    Fender MIA 50th Anniv. Jazz Deluxe
    Reverend Rumblefish 5L
    Fender Am Jazz Deluxe V
    Godin LR Baggs Acoustibass semi-hollow fretless
    Mesa Engineering Subway D-800
    Traynor SB500H
    Genz Benz NEOx 112T
    Promethean 5110 combo
    Peavey Max preamp
    Sans Amp Programmable Bass Driver
    Boss CEB-3 Chorus
    Electro Harmonix Deluxe Bass Big Muff
    Yamaha BB300
    Ampeg SCR-DI
    Kong Pitch Black pedal tuner
    Pedaltrain Classic Jr.
    Favorite Genres:
    Gospel, Worship, indie alt-Roots, Ambient, Electronica Blues, Folk, Rock
    Gigs and Ensembles:
    Great Maker (band)
    Previously Owned Gear:
    Fender Sidekick Bass Amp, Godin Freeway 4, Ibanez BTB-1205,BTB-1305,
    Fender MIJ Jazz Fretless, Fender Std. MIM Jazz V, Fender Am Std. Jazz V, Fender 60th anniv. American Standard Precision, Peavey Deltabass Head, Fender Bassman 150 Combo amp, Godin SD-4 / SD-5, Ibanez RB-999 Bean bass, Peavey TKO-115 combo, Ampeg SVT 3 Pro head, Peavey Nitrobass head, Godin BG-5, Fender Precision American Std., Peavey maple Cirrus V, Peavey 115 BVX Black Widow cab, Ibanez TRB200WS, Peavey 210 TVX, Traynor YBA200, Lakland Skyline 55-01, 55-01 Deluxe, 55-02 & Skyline Joe Osborn 5, Genz Benz GBE600, GBE750, GBE1200, NEOx 212T, MXR Bass Octave Deluxe, Fender MIA 2009 Jazz V Dlx, Godin Freeway 5 Active, Genz Benz ShuttleMAX 6.0
    G.A.S. List:
    Lakland Hollowbody with Darkstars, Lakland USA 55-94, Fender Precision A/E MIJ fretless, Lakland USA Decade 5, Sadowsky NYC MS5.
    Influences and Teachers:
    Listen to Everything except rap and opera (classical rap).
    Hobbies and Interests:
    home studio, drums, high-end audio, photography, guitar, cycling,


    "When tolerance becomes absolute, it becomes intolerant."
    P&W Bassist Club # 236 / Sadowsky Club # 200
    Genz Benz Club # 34 / LOG # 263
    Reverend Club # 54 / Godin Club # 43