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HolmeBass's Recent Activity

  1. HolmeBass replied to the thread Will I die?.

    I answered “yes” because it is a certainty that you will, eventually, die. And to try to not speed along the inevitable, fix that power...

    Nov 25, 2020 at 11:09 AM
  2. HolmeBass liked knumbskull's post in the thread Brain injuries from loud bass?.

    That would explain a lot round here.

    Nov 25, 2020 at 11:00 AM
  3. HolmeBass liked whero's post in the thread why play bass.

    About 45 years ago, I read an interview in a Bass Player magazine. I think it was JPJ but it's so long ago now that I might have that...

    Nov 24, 2020 at 10:27 PM
  4. HolmeBass liked BassCliff's post in the thread BassCliff w/ANB at Giracci Winery, 11/22/20.

    Hi! As I walk on stage to tun up I snapped a picture of the crowd over the keyboards. There were two wine bars today doing a brisk...

    ggv2lbrLsGgxLjnU_464C0IUjgH2nDvAjaUXi_DoWYfvYXslybQP50LWhfwhwOqcHp8bZeg=w1102-h826-no?authuser=0.jpg ii4WKMb45gKxKMbzheuIIsdh-u-Vf6aURp1-4OEEuCH-ua0WuMSGP-ZWAwE-rk_xbc0458A=w1102-h826-no?authuser=0.jpg nYaxZohAmcT-X6ojfNfk0k2K5l7wcvH7MvylRi1ZJpkJVJHaec-PGhIsBIEHJVrfBft31bA=w1102-h826-no?authuser=0.jpg 0DiSSTAQzvNFw89iF704fZO9FqYgkVbzMC7Hyg_4YJN_LzGlN6N_HzuZTnHUZBiUx8hqp0g=w1102-h826-no?authuser=0.jpg rCAU4tukRPVmqDtQ0rl6TKfVqXBJKEw5MlSl1ZUgVQ4P8ufA_yCqWNh9sRLWbYTAcEuBukw=w1102-h826-no?authuser=0.jpg EC1rvZG8VPFrUC999qKWDkKH1HD-Eawmkd8FmD_Qvp9LXVlVnH3-EPonJSclXh0Qh7rDFiw=w1102-h826-no?authuser=0.jpg w8rJRkLIzkqRRjsWBqwqg42kILb0RvR3gVdrDLwLZWb6tBwArYldLTg1UFXKmGc3vBQXKnQ=w1102-h826-no?authuser=0.jpg S1fC6ElVFoEEiv-6C7foywiS3ocjQr36hK3hGijnaBTVU1kqqgcN7nDTUu5MVdG0qTl1MiQ=w1102-h826-no?authuser=0.jpg abtVERL3alM180b_iS-56lf0Cysh7AIh3rPkyE4WoUr-cqxF3tdNFeuLTwWc18M_3tfLJ-A=w1102-h826-no?authuser=0.jpg T-qzhuHjhXsCJhu9Kw2MiT6t40yedW2xjZQIpPETcw3Ge4GFjqYueXhidp4_8_z36yM0S_A=w1102-h826-no?authuser=0.jpg IgaNesVfcI8xOnQa3dSqI0BI7aVWVH9ueRB4wJooKEtniKUORrpynZl6xZSZgU7sXAkrXRg=w1102-h826-no?authuser=0.jpg eP30r1MeNVYUCrpSrGm98xUEWiCZEP6aMLtOwz9bE-aEi-ADc7L5MDRFfomIDGyQXJTdFYA=w1102-h826-no?authuser=0.jpg Vi4bS5jJ6Sk5FCo_Fau6vmepo_PptB_Ki-GohUB514-68ENiNdEa4NQaaGqyEvQ3Ij3Tv8Q=w1102-h826-no?authuser=0.jpg qf4QiNhm9DJEGE9vZ8RJ6JlEExVXjPAMgkEJzVjGsdqgwq_wBX6bKjKVyHAi4nkbaoWVdPA=w1102-h826-no?authuser=0.jpg XfMol-u-ijpLsbEaNb_3P2UEeUJDXqoKwrh-x2RCR3L4CQ_Tbw38IeamRTEWL99_dwRuJvA=w1102-h826-no?authuser=0.jpg 7Pce8ohFxNcOK0GHZq523lePf_mk58L6ps8w4p8ufURyUqh6BnIXpDjFVkc0eOEJQpYVrLg=w1102-h826-no?authuser=0.jpg nmjHlCSq2RMPcjK-ujFl6IFjvR6_GgLEPxGgEyoa9Y_mBfzyMEnhxutKFt_RkiuPjZDnROwA=w960-h720-no?authuser=0.jpg vMY-pxm5nJBRHqyFbKSLTXbQyWOIcORYNpCMuBdjBi2-4LWEZkC8x1qSbvedlSLx2ZBYdtw=w1102-h826-no?authuser=0.jpg Nov 24, 2020 at 10:08 AM
  5. HolmeBass liked BassCliff's post in the thread BassCliff w/ANB at Giracci Winery, 11/22/20.

    Greetings and salutations! It was another rare gig for me and the hairy legged pickers (a.k.a. Arnie Newman's Country Club)....

    uCxWXlkbxaap25B8yUfQf_VbaW6nk4p96CvT359Q2PiUejJZmxE4iZTOsSCWYYXy-tpprWg=w1102-h826-no?authuser=0.jpg FZHN3bPd5t_LnBaICrHbCfm0_mNucou_JYyfY83FjC2xg26QPMRTZI08_tqRKf782bxJetA=w1102-h826-no?authuser=0.jpg Rlv-egfNztPAMdukSZ6UtdRxnBAEaSYdmyB0b-qJrJahWDY5yZCJJDzhF_Zy-W6tsiHJH_w=w1102-h826-no?authuser=0.jpg 3Ph9t1a31b935ZXEFhmzfF2KjXSx7-qKQ8H5gmj-3_DqzkbuTOGv6StmGQaqrNwEeCxxGpw=w1102-h826-no?authuser=0.jpg sy7T4KTJw6QFBLfQAN8qpiyvgYG9psjQ6BS1645Qb1FR0sLr3v342g1vXgI15bXtKSnpVyg=w1102-h826-no?authuser=0.jpg UR1538XiIAx2s64GfCKcsIQWGyWo3qX5yUXmZ5AasbbCkJkmddfrj_FAYPm6UUVj8Ci6NLA=w1102-h826-no?authuser=0.jpg j7ixt3JKJWmUzud1ERWwyhwTFHnt6GGjxzX7yVQFbJcGlyMlfVkuctGq6tUb2a2Yp75Eowg=w1102-h826-no?authuser=0.jpg A1SiVR6mMEmKnsd8ST99rYVyu13Cxmcj9rNnrJsIcj7KmPUpcj4h_xBQ_c6SVakZ-hPhPZg=w1102-h826-no?authuser=0.jpg LrtzcD-r5ZYFwexD1qyNCpZqnsmTiwtCFjb-9QY9QFn1eobUKZbuIGKYjzdC__1G-dIUAAQ=w1102-h826-no?authuser=0.jpg -iDeZP1oBi2u54Jz4MwIcCLaMBzCVrTN8T7tV6RoCUQsN0Es4lX4w0_mPGjdDXuTuMftQJw=w1102-h826-no?authuser=0.jpg UDhy6hn_TpqYHy_1EW6rhP_fl8Mu7JRS9fGo6_MxXGM0oWjFBY4PoqA-_R1oSBXedDTmasg=w1102-h826-no?authuser=0.jpg NF-JvR3dU-XyfSd1v1WGhl5TiQR2JqQ21pEoeQ5eAgPKZzGnGqCqpj5oXo4wPbm48KncoIQ=w1102-h826-no?authuser=0.jpg 9FmaBLYPiHku6sgDNQYhvV5mQl9KsiTTx5yaYRl0wzReVoPKKVwb_35gk14LG8-4ANyAFCA=w1102-h826-no?authuser=0.jpg DFIG-5FwkvIPy4tUNknVNpb-Phjb_hmRkX4Y1oNuv5xpF2Mf5oaYsjsFuKhRPavIrXNIXAw=w1102-h826-no?authuser=0.jpg 1yrYn0HGuzQbHjp43ZUC6q0tZ7TljJM22CpaZCNhp5aUD0N_sMwSd_usU6ie4DRGOD2d_VA=w1102-h826-no?authuser=0.jpg 3znfyvxd7UoklFh5EAdBQ4FORtbNCU0fex29yBluxinJ0D8qRSrFoc-y6i-TIx1g3aP9mqw=w1102-h826-no?authuser=0.jpg XhWbZpAm4TJJKMiblHdguUEiEuf5cbFbJ1DWjyEJevG2IC4y62ux0xHcpuyk_VZD2j8rvnQ=w1102-h826-no?authuser=0.jpg XDN1S2E2XzQMl_ZBff9H7irRmVetpSWZSvCORxTN9O7uFqhMxOlx1UvvBr5K_i8EiOylFWA=w1102-h826-no?authuser=0.jpg yQX6emrb63IuMOG5m_zQtHsWP1j2V3dfz4lgOz65ONkHt9zZYk_x4AZPoFXjiwekppIW3Bw=w1102-h826-no?authuser=0.jpg Nov 24, 2020 at 10:04 AM
  6. HolmeBass replied to the thread Just one pedal.

    Envelope filter. The MXR BEF or Source Audio Spectrum.

    Nov 23, 2020 at 11:52 PM
  7. HolmeBass liked bolophonic's post in the thread I absolutely suck at ear training..

    Man, I’m going to be honest. I have been playing for 35 years with only marginal study of theory in college. Any time I have found...

    Nov 23, 2020 at 11:37 PM
  8. HolmeBass liked zie's post in the thread I absolutely suck at ear training..

    I don't know what your goal is when it comes to ear training but according to my research, it comes down to perfect pitch and absolute...

    Nov 23, 2020 at 11:33 PM
  9. HolmeBass liked consectaneus's post in the thread I absolutely suck at ear training..

    I think you chose the perfect instrument. I love it. It's like my lab for getting inside music. I wonder if you're are fixated on this...

    Nov 23, 2020 at 11:19 PM
  10. HolmeBass liked Mushroo's post in the thread I absolutely suck at ear training..

    Ouch. I went through a similar situation (including a C in Music Theory class because I couldn't pass the **** ear training portion of...

    Nov 23, 2020 at 11:17 PM
  11. HolmeBass replied to the thread Your Favorite Allman Brothers Band Bass Player.

    I voted that I couldn’t pick just one, because I can’t! Barry and Oteil were/are such great players. I also saw them with Lamar and...

    Nov 23, 2020 at 11:13 PM
  12. HolmeBass liked REV's post in the thread Your Favorite Allman Brothers Band Bass Player.

    Each version of ABB has had it's own character. For me Oteil has that thing where the groove is fat but he can also weave in and out of...

    Nov 23, 2020 at 11:06 PM
  13. HolmeBass liked halech54's post in the thread Your Favorite Allman Brothers Band Bass Player.

    I recently picked up a gig in an Allman tribute project that hopefully has gigs in 2021; when picking live performances to learn from...

    Nov 23, 2020 at 11:05 PM
  14. HolmeBass liked Passinwind's post in the thread Your Favorite Allman Brothers Band Bass Player.

    79-84. Super nice guy and a wonderful player IMO but Gregg didn’t especially dig him. A friend of mine was Tech Director during that era...

    Nov 23, 2020 at 11:04 PM
  15. HolmeBass liked Skip Chucker's post in the thread Your Favorite Allman Brothers Band Bass Player.

    [ATTACH] No question! Oteil is my favorite bassist!

    1200px-Allman_Brother_-_Oteil_Burbridge.jpg Nov 23, 2020 at 11:02 PM

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