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November 13
New England


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    November 13
    New England
    Current Setup:

    65 CAR Jazz, Mid 80's Fender Squire Jazz EMG's, 07 Fender Vintage Modified '70s Jazz Bass. y2k Fender Fretless Jazz, Epi El Capitan Acoustic. Spector Performer DLX, Spector Legend 4, Spector Legend 6 Amber, SX 57 P-Bass, MIM FSR P-Bass, Lakland 5501, Lakland LOG P-Bass, Ibanez Artcore Custom, Old Takamine Acoustic, G&L L2000, Music Man StingRay Classic, Peavey T40, Sire V7 Jazz, Fender Aerodyne Jazz, Hofner Beatle Bass, Fender Rascal

    Original GK800RB, Mesa Walkabout. Ampeg B15N, Ampeg Mini SVT


    GK Neo 1x12 II, Ampeg 2x10

    Other Gear:

    Fender BDEC-30 for late-night headphone jams
    Recent adds - Zoom B2; so I can frustrate myself for hours and just go back to plugging straight into the Amp (like the old days).
    Tech 21 VT Bass Pedal for some cool-sounding goodness.
    DBX166XL Compressor; cause sometimes you just need to squish it a little.
    Vintage Peterson Strobe Tuner for keeping the girls in line : )
    Favorite Genres:
    I love Music
    Gigs and Ensembles:
    Subject to Change, Think Twice, Original 80's Rock Band, Classic Rock and Blues
    Previously Owned Gear:
    GL L1000, Original 57 P-Bass RI, 64 Fender Jazz, 66 Fender P-Bass, should have kept all of them : ( ESP Custom PJ Metal Flake Purple (think the 80's).
    G.A.S. List:
    Nino Valenti Bass, Bergantino AE410, HS410 or a Small Berg Stack (or what the hell - both of them). Phrase Sampler, 62 Reissue P-Bass or a nice highway one. 60's Jazz RI and /or an old school dressed Sadowsky Jazz. USA Spector 6$$ Zon TJ6 $$$$, US Lakland
    Influences and Teachers:
    Josh Levin-Epstein, Jaco, James Jamerson, John Paul Jones - many others.
    Hobbies and Interests:
    Computers, Motorcycles, Women not neccesarily in that order : )


    Fender | Spector | Lakland #384 | Yamaha | Ibanez| Music Man | GK | MarkBass | SWR | Mesa | Ampeg B15N
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