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    Carmel Valley, CA
    Current Setup:
    Healthy Fingers
    Epifani 902C
    Epifani UL-410
    Epifani UL-212
    Aguilar DB751
    Phil Jones M-500 x 2 (I run 2 amps) 9T/6T x 2
    SWR Megoliath
    SWR Son of Bertha
    SWR Goliath III
    Basswitch IQ
    Lehle D Loop x 2
    Lehle Dual
    Dirty Boy Bass Bully
    Aguilar Tone Hammer and other Aguilar pedals
    Empress Tremelo
    Empress Super Delay
    EBS Pedals (Octabass, Multicomp & Valve Drive)
    Lexicon MPX-G2 Multi-Effects (In Loop)
    Roscoe Century Sig 5 Quilt/Ash/Wedge Ebony
    Roscoe Century Sig 5 Fless Koa/Ash/Wedge Ebony
    MTD Andrew Gouche 6
    MTD Andrew Gouche 5
    Ken Smith BSR 5 EG Fless Cocobolo/Walnut Core 7 & 7
    Ken Smith BT 5 EG Quilt/Walnut Core 5 & 7
    Ken Smith BSR 6 EG Quilt/Walnut Core 5 & 7
    Ken Smith BSR 6 EG Walnut/Maple Core 5 & 7
    Ken Smith BSR 6 EG Walnut/Maple Core 7 & 7
    Favorite Genres:
    Rock, fusion, jazz, world, singer/songwriter, pop
    Previously Owned Gear:
    Acoustic (various heads)
    Ampeg SVT PRO IV
    SWR Super Redhead
    SWR Mo' Bass
    Sunn (various heads)
    Aries Senes VT 6
    Benavente 4 Bocote w/flamed board
    Benavente 5 String SC Cocobolo/Ash/BEM
    Benavente 5 String SC Buckeye/Monkeypod BEM
    Elrick Platinum 5 SC EVO NT Buckeye/Mahog/Maple
    Elrick Platinum 5 SC EVO NT Spalt/Ash/Mac Ebony
    Elrick Platinum 6 SC EVO NT Buckeye/Ash/Wenge
    F Alain Caron 5 (never shoulda sold it)
    Fender 1970's Jazz Bass
    Gibson Victory Artist Bass
    G&L L2000
    G&L L2500
    Human Bass Class-X Crotch Walnut/Ebony
    Human Bass "The Bass" Quilt/Alder/BEM
    Human Bass "The Bass" Solid Walnut/Ash/BEM
    Ken Smith MD 7 EG Quilt/Walnut Core 5 & 7
    MM Bongo Limited Edition Blue Dawn 4HS w/Piezo
    MM Bongo Limited Edition Blue Dawn 5HH w/Piezo
    MM Bongo Dargie Delight II 5HH
    MM Bongo Stealth 4 HH
    MTD 535-21 Buckeye/Ash/Maple/Ebony
    MTD 535-24 Ebony/Limba/Wenge Neck
    MTD 535-21 Tulip/Poplar/Wenge Neck
    MTD 535 Rosewood Top/Alder/Maple/BEM
    MTD 635 Fretless Burl/Wenge Neck/Ebony FB
    MTD 735 Myrtle 10 Top/Limba/ Wenge Neck
    Pedulla Signature MVP-4
    Pedulla Limited Edition MVP-5 Quilt/Birdseye
    Pedulla Limited Edition MVP-5 Quilt/Ebony
    Pedulla Limited Edition MVP-6 Quilt/Ebony
    Pedulla Buzz 4 White/Ebony
    Pedulla Signature Buzz 5 Quilt/Ebony
    Roscoe SKB 3006 Koa/Mahogany/Rosewood
    Roscoe SKB 3006 Maple/Cedar/BEM
    Roscoe SKB 3005 Maple/Cedar/BEM
    Roscoe LG 3005 Myrtle/Cedar/Birdseye/Wedge neck
    Roscoe Century Standard Plus 6 quilt/ash/wenge
    Roscoe Century Sig 5 quilt/ash/wedge/BEM
    Roscoe Century Sig 5 Soppelle/Cedar/Wedge BEM
    Smith BT6EG Coco (traded but really miss this one)
    STR 5 White Ebony/Birdseye
    Tobias 6 NT (Gibson Era)
    Steinberger Fretted/Fretless 4/5/6
    Alembic Distillate
    Fleischmann Electric Upright Scroll 5
    Sadowsky Metro 5
    Schecter Custom Shop P Bass 4
    Warwick Infinity NT Ltd. Ed. 4, & 5 fretted/fless
    Warwick Thumb NT 4 Fretted and Fless
    Warwick Thumb NT 5
    Warwick Custom Shop Thumb 5 SC NT
    Warwick Vampyre Limited Edition 4
    Warwick Vampyre Limited Edition 5 NT
    Warrior Signature NT 7
    Alfonso Iturra Scroll 5 NT
    Surine Quest VII NT 5 Walnut/maple core
    Surine Quest VII NT 7 Fless Koa/mahagony core
    Yamaha Nathan East 5
    G.A.S. List:
    Ken Lawrence Brace II
    F Alain Caron 5
    Glockenglang Amp
    Influences and Teachers:
    Jeff Berlin
    Richard Bona
    Victor Wooten
    Jimmy Haslip
    Bunny Brunel
    Gary Willis
    Scott Thunes
    Jonas Hellborg
    Bryan Beller
    Bakithi Kumalo
    Billy Sheehan
    Colin Moulding
    Alain Caron
    Glenn Hughes
    Tony Levin
    Stanley Clarke
    James Genus
    Anthony Jackson
    Paul Jackson
    John Pattitucci
    Gary Grainger
    Will Lee
    Leland Sklar
    Marcus Miller
    Dave Larue
    Andy West
    Dave Holland
    Tal Wilkenfeld
    Ron Carter
    Stanley Clarke
    Alfonso Johnson
    Jimmy Johnson
    Charlie Haden
    Hadrien Feraud
    Paul McCartney
    Paul Chambers
    Chris Squire
    Ron Carter
    Esperanza Spaulding
    Larry Graham
    Mark Egan
    Michael Manring
    Mick Karn
    Mel Schacher
    Tim Bogert
    Roger Glover
    Hobbies and Interests:
    Photography, emerging technology, martial arts, qi gong, writing, travel, drums, guitar, keys


    Roscoe Century Signature 5 Quilt/Ash/Wedge Ebony & 5 Fless Koa/Ash/Wedge Ebony, MTD USA Andrew Gouche 5 & 6, Smith BT5E White, 5BSREG Coco Fless, 5BSREG White, 6BSREG x3 (2 Black/1 White) & MD7 Quilt
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