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Jan 28, 2009
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los angeles, ca


from los angeles, ca

there is no a in definitely Mar 3, 2017

    1. hypercarrots
      there is no a in definitely
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    los angeles, ca
    Current Setup:
    92 Ibanez TRB1 (black)
    91 Ibanez SB1200 (black)
    91 Ibanez SB1200 (jewel blue)
    90 Ibanez SB900 (laser blue)
    90 Ibanez SB900 (red)
    90 Ibanez SR800 (black) w/93 SR1300 neck

    08 Schecter 004 (black/maple)

    16 Rickenbacker 4003 (midnight blue)
    06 Rickenbacker 4003 (jetglo)

    12 Fender Japan JB62SS smart size jazz (vintage white)
    09 Fender road worn precision
    09 Fender road worn jazz cs60s pickups
    08 Fender jaguar (black)
    08 Fender american standard jazz (charcoal frost)
    08 Fender classic '70s jazz (black)/allparts maple block neck
    08 Fender std jazz FSR (sapphire blue trans)/ebony fl neck
    04 Fender precision jr (black)
    03 Fender hwy1 jazz (black)/02 JB62FL cij fl neck & pups
    02 Fender std jazz (gunmetal blue)/08 classic '70s neck/cs 60s pups)

    85 Yamaha BB300 (black)
    84 Yamaha BB300 (black)
    84 Yamaha BB1200S (burgundy)
    82 Yamaha BB1200S (burgundy)
    74 Yamaha SA-70

    10 Ernie Ball music man silhouette bass
    Previously Owned Gear:
    09 Schecter Hellcat VI (black)
    01, 02 Fender standard jazz (black, white)
    96 Fender standard jazz fretless (black)
    00 Fender american standard jazz (black)
    08 Fender american standard jazz (3 tone sunburst)
    05 Fender standard precision (black)
    06 Fender standard precision (electron blue/rosewood)/lindy fralin pickups
    05 Fender mustang (vintage white)
    Ibanez SR300 (orange)
    Laguna Ocean TB70 fretless (natural)
    G.A.S. List:
    all original azureglo ric with a straight neck no repairs doesn't weigh over 9.5lbs etc, yamaha bb1200
    fender fsr#12 schecter#61 • mim fender p-bass#74 • fender precision #78,79 • short scale #140 • rickenbacker#218 • black n maple#258 • ibanez#360 • fretless#393 • fender jazz#422 • p-bass #782
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