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Aug 5, 2018
Dec 18, 2005
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from Brisbane, Australia

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Aug 5, 2018
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    Brisbane, Australia
    Current Setup:
    2017 EGC / Fender Franken-P
    2014 Dee Dee Ramone Precision
    1976 Kramer 350B
    USA G&L L-2500

    Fender Bassman 100-T
    Fender Neo 410 (x2)
    GK MB-500
    Verellen Meatsmoke Preamp

    Boss CE-1, CE-2b, DD-7, HM-2, LS-2, MT-2, NS-2, OC-2, & TR-2
    Dunlop 105Q Bass Crybaby
    EHX Freeze, MicroPOG
    Strymon Flint
    Tech 21 ParaDriver DI
    Tronographic Rusty Box
    BYOC Armstrong Twin

    Korg Volca Bass
    Novation Bass Station II
    Bass pedals (organ bass + MIDIpeds kit)
    M-Audio Oxygen8 II
    Favorite Genres:
    Post-hardcore, indie, shoegaze, industrial, DnB, doom
    Previously Owned Gear:
    2013 Fender Cabronita
    2003 MIJ Fender '62 Reissue Jazz
    2008 MIM Fender Precision
    2007 G&L Tribute L-2000
    2006 Fender HWY1 Precision (parts bass)
    2004 Warwick Thumb 4 Bolt-on
    2004/05 MIM Fender Jazz
    1997 Ibanez ATK 300
    1996 Fender Bass VI Reissue
    1994 Korean Stuart Spector Design NS-4
    1991 MIJ Fender '51 Reissue
    199x Vester 5-string (SDGR clone)
    1987 Yamaha RBX-5
    1976 Aria Pro II Professional Bass (P copy)
    1971 Fender Precision (parts bass)

    Fender Bassman 135
    Fender TB600 head
    Tech 21 GT-2
    ProCo Rat
    Boss BF-2, DD-20, DD-3, HR-2, PH-2, SYB-3, SYB-5, OC-3, RV-3

    Tech 21 LM300 head
    Tech 21 RBI preamp
    BBE 383 pre-amp
    Tubeworks RT902 preamp
    Alesis Quadraverb GT rack-fx
    Fender 215 Pro
    SWR Goliath Jr. II cab
    Trace Elliot 1248H cab
    Trace Elliot 1518T cab
    Warwick W116 410 Cab

    EHX Big Muff pi (1977 op-amp)
    EHX Micro Q-Tron, EHX Bass Balls (re-issue, modded)
    Danelectro FAB Flanger, FAB Echo
    Ibanez DE-7, PM-7, FC-10

    Novation A-Station Rack Synth
    Yamaha DX21 Keyboard
    Korg microSampler
    Korg SV-1 Stage Vintage
    Influences and Teachers:
    Chris Wolstenholme, Cliff Burton, Roy Babbington, Lemmy, Timmy C, Steve Harris, anybody who's played for the Mars Volta.
    Hobbies and Interests:
    Computers, sci-fi & horror films


    This space left intentionally blank.

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