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Sep 26, 2011
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Baton Rouge, LA
SEO - C.O.O. of large Tech company


Cajun Rocker, Male, from Baton Rouge, LA

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Nov 9, 2018
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    Baton Rouge, LA
    SEO - C.O.O. of large Tech company
    Current Setup:
    (2)Alembic Series II's
    (3)Alembic Custom Signature's (two 5's and one 4)
    (1)Alembic Signature Standard 5
    (2)Alembic Mark King Signatures (4 & 5)
    (1)Alembic Rogue 5
    (1)Alembic Orion 5
    (1)Alembic Brown Bass
    (2)Alembic Europa 5's
    (1)Ampeg AEB-1
    (1)Brubaker KXB-5
    (2)Brubaker NBS-5
    (1)Brubaker Phoenix Custom 5
    (1)Spector NSJ-5
    (2)Spector NS-5XL's
    (1)Spector Coda-5XL
    (2)G. Gould GGi's (4&5)
    (3)Fender Masterbuilt Custom Shop J Basses
    (1)Fender Stu Hamm Urge II USA
    (3)PRS Grainger 5's
    (2)Benavente DCD's (4&5)
    (1)Ritter Roya 5
    (1)Ritter Cora 5
    (1)Status S2 (5 string)
    (1)Status Retroglide
    (1)Status Empathy (5, headed)
    (1)Status KingBass Paramatrix
    (1)LowEnd LEJ Exotic 24 (5)
    (1)LowEnd LEJ Classic (5)
    (1)LowEnd LEPJ (5)
    (1)B.C. Rich USA Eagle 5 Supreme
    (1)B.C. Rich USA Mockingbirg Supreme
    (1)B.C. Rich USA Thunderer
    (1)Peavey USA Custom Shop Cirrus (4)
    (1)Peavey USA Custom Shop Cirrus (5)
    (1)Sandberg CA PM4
    (1)Elrick Gold Evo 5 bolt
    (1) Groovetools GTBD-7
    (2)Ken Smith BSR 4&5
    (3)Lackland Delux 44-94
    (1)Lackland Skyline DJ5
    (3)Lightwave Hybrid (two 4's one 5)
    (2)Modulus Q5's
    (1)MTD 535
    (2)EBMM StingRay (5&4)
    (1)EBMM Big Al SSS 5
    (2)Pedulla Penta Buzz (5)
    (1)Pedulla Custom ET5
    (1)Yamaha BB 2025X
    (1)Yamaha LTD II Attitude
    (3)Ibanez SR655PB
    (2)Ibanex SRX695
    (1)Ibanez SR900
    (1)Ibanez SR1000 Spalt USA Custom
    (2)Ibanez BTB 1405
    (1)Ibanez SR5005e
    (1)Ibanez Grooveline G105
    (1)ZON Legacy 5
    (1)ZON Sonus Standard 5
    (2)Lowenherz (4&5)
    (4)Prestige Wylde Bass (three 4's one 5)
    [I have quite a few more basses, like a collecton of Ibanez that are not listed here and a few others that I just can't remember.]


    - (2) Ampeg SVT-vr heads and (2) SVT 810av Cabs and (2) SVT 15e's [I got a pretty good deal on the cabs because part of "the deal" was buy one refurb, get a factory fresh heavily discounted unit]. {this rig is for sale and about to find a new home}.
    - (2) Ampeg PF410HLF's (for sale)
    - (1) Ampeg PF-115LF (for sale)
    - (2) Aguilar DB 751's
    - (2) Aguilar GS 810's
    - (1) Aguilar GS412
    - (3) Epifani UL2-410's
    - (1) Epifani UL2-212
    - (2) Epifani PS-1000's
    - (3) Epifani D.I.S.T. 410's (amazing!!)
    - Markbass 108HR {for sale}
    - (1) Epifani AL210
    - (1) Epifani AL115
    - a few other combos that I use for practice or small venues.
    Favorite Genres:
    Rock, country, praise and worship
    Gigs and Ensembles:
    I am a hired gun...I fill in when someone catches a cold
    Previously Owned Gear:
    A bunch
    G.A.S. List:
    Warwick Infinity Custom Shop Hollow body
    a few others.
    Influences and Teachers:
    John Entwistle, Gene Simmons
    Hobbies and Interests:
    Photography, SEO


    Faith is being sure of what you hope for, and certain of what you do not see. Hebrews 11:1:cool:
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