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Sep 5, 2020
Feb 17, 2002
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  1. OOD
Dec 15, 1906 (Age: 113)
Mountain Top, PA

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It ain’t ideal but I deal, 113, from Mountain Top, PA

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Sep 5, 2020
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    Dec 15, 1906 (Age: 113)
    Mountain Top, PA
    Current Setup:
    Passive basses, tube preamps, studio monitors. Less for the kids to break.
    Gigs and Ensembles:
    Just jamming.
    Previously Owned Gear:
    In no particular chronological or preferential order and certainly not all of it:

    Mike Lull MV5
    Roscoe LG-3005 fretless
    Lakland 4407
    Browne Gnome 5 #006
    Skjold Lion's Pride 5
    Low End LEJ-5
    Benavente SC-5 Fretless
    Benavente Vintage Vortex 5 (x2 60's & 70's Jazzes)
    Benavente Vortex 5
    Roscoe SKB-3006
    Mike Lull Vintage P-5
    Elrick GS-5
    KSD V-605
    KSD 705
    Rick Turner Electroline 5
    Fender American Standard Jazz V 2008
    Fender MIA Roscoe Beck V
    Fender MIA PJ Deluxe V
    Fender CIJ '51 Reissue P
    Big KYDD 4 EUB
    Lakland Skyline DD
    Lakland Skyline JO4
    Lakland Skyline DJ5 (Maple and rosewood)
    Lakland Skyline 55-01
    Lakland 55-94 Classic
    Lakland early 55-94
    DeArmond Ashbory
    Tobias Growler 4
    Warwick Fortress 4
    Warwick Thumbs 5/6
    Warwick Corvette 4/5
    Warwick FNA 4
    Peavey Fury VI
    Peavey Axcellerator V
    Ibanez Roadster II
    Dean Edge 5 Fretless
    Ibanez RD-505 Euro
    Numerous other incarnations of Musicman, G&L, Fender, Ibanez, and Essex basses.

    Genz Shuttle 6.2
    GK MB-500 Fusion
    Mesa Boogie M-Pulse 360
    Markbass LMII
    Markbass F1
    Ampeg PF-350
    GK MB-200
    GK MB2-500
    Thunderfunk TF-550B
    A.M.P. BH-250
    A.M.P. BH-260
    A.M.P. BH-420
    Gibson BG-440
    EA iamp-350
    EA original white-faced 500
    EA orig. 800 w/ Sabine tuner
    Aguilar DB-359
    Eden WT-400
    SWR Bass 350's (x2 red & chrome)
    SWR SM-400S
    SWR Bass 220
    Hartke 7000
    Hartke 3500
    GK 700-RB
    GK 1001-RB II
    Ashdown MAG 600

    Avalon U5
    Aguilar DB-680
    Aguilar DB-659
    Eden Navigator Preamp
    Trace V-type Preamp
    Demeter VTBP (1.5 RU)
    SansAmp RBI
    Ampeg SVP-Pro II
    Peavey Probass 1000

    LDS 610
    Genz NEOX 212T
    Mesa PH-112
    EA NL-210
    Bergantino AE-112
    Schroeder 15+L
    Schroeder 1210R
    Yamaha BBT-110
    Yamaha BBT-210
    GK MBX-112
    GK NEO 212 v1
    Bag End S-12
    Bag End S-15D
    Accugroove Tri-112
    Accugroove Tri-208
    Mesa Boogie PH-115
    Bergantino HT-115
    EA Wizzy 12
    EA CXL 112
    EA CXL 112L
    EA CXL 210E
    Epifani T-310
    Epifani T-210
    Epifani T-112
    Epifani 210-UL
    Acme Low B-2ii
    Aguilar GS-112
    Eden D-112XLT
    Genz Benz XB-410
    Hartke Pro-2200
    Avatar 212 NEO
    Avatar 410
    Avatar 115
    Eden CXL-112
    SWR Monitor 112

    Mesa Boogie Walkabout Scout 12
    Markbass 121p Combo
    EA iamp-350 combo
    SWR Baby Blue I combo (redone with LDS LT8's)
    Acoustic B200 Combo
    SWR WM-115 combo
    Hartke KB 10 and 12 combos
    Tech 21 Landmark 60 combo
    Carvin BR-15 combo
    Peavey Basic 112 combo
    Fender Bassman 25
    Ampeg B-100R combo
    Ashdown MAG-112 Monitor
    Ashdown EB-130-112 combo
    Ashdown Electric Blue 115/180W
    Ashdown Perfect 10 combo
    Acoustic B-20

    Power Amps--
    Peavey CS-800
    Peavey DPC-1000
    Stewart World 2.1
    QSC PLX-1602
    QSC RMX-1850HD
    Carvin F-1200

    Raven Labs PHA-1
    Raven Labs MDB-1
    Raven Labs PMB-1
    Radial Bassbone
    Radial JDI
    GT Ditto Tube DI
    Countryman 85
    Tech 21 SABDDI
    Line 6 Bass Pod PRO XT Live
    Aguilar DB-924
    Fulltone Bassdrive
    Ezekial Bass OD
    EH Bassballs
    EH Big muff Pi
    Zoom 502 Multi-effect
    Realtube Yellow OD Rackmount
    ProCo Rat
    Behringer Autocomp

    Some other stuff I missed, I'm sure...
    G.A.S. List:
    Influences and Teachers:
    Groovy blues and classic rock/All the usual suspects.

    I have a James Jamerson tattoo so you could say him.
    Hobbies and Interests:
    Guns, knives, watches, tattoos, women



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