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  1. JoeJeffries.com liked Lesfunk's post in the thread For Sale Feeler... Fender Highway one jazz with Status Graphite neck.

    [ATTACH] On the fence about this... 2006 Fender Highway one jazz bass with Status graphite neck Nitro three tone sunburst Dimarzio...

    3A326248-F041-4BC6-B9F7-E030319D2547.jpeg F3350555-D4A3-4A4B-9244-79271181955B.jpeg 5BA6DE06-5B6A-4BCC-99B9-8F1DA3B0E3A1.jpeg D2A07D0A-D76A-4776-8308-1E87AAA17137.jpeg 4EAE2DF0-765F-41B2-BEAF-10B4CF47B172.png DD063961-9685-4945-A7D6-39D416FD18D3.jpeg 5FD7E201-CE03-4C96-B9E6-D9FACBFEA662.jpeg May 13, 2021 at 5:01 PM

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