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Feb 16, 2008
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vintage bass nut, from Thousand Oaks, CA

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    Home Page:
    Thousand Oaks, CA
    Current Setup:
    '55 P Bass
    '62 P Bass
    '68 P bass
    '70 P Bass
    '72 P bass
    '72 P Bass
    '73 P bass
    '66 Jazz bass
    '68 Jazz bass
    '72 Jazz Bass
    '73 Jazz Bass
    '68 Tele Bass
    '91 AVRI '59 p bass
    Blue Floral Tele Bass

    '85 Alembic Distillate
    '68 Gretch 6073
    '68 Hofner Beatle Bass
    '91 Rickenbacker 4001 V63
    '09 Rickenbacker 4003
    '68 Gibson EBO
    '68 Gibson EB3
    '69 Gibson EB1
    '66 Gibson EB2-D
    '68 Gibson EB-2
    '75 Gibson Ripper
    '03 MM Stingray
    '09 Fender Jaguar Bass
    '10 Bach Thunderbird-non reverse (modified)
    '05 Mockingbird Bass
    2 Custom Jazzmaster Basses
    3 Custom Ricky 325 style Basses
    '64 St. George Bass

    1958 Fender Esquire
    1963 Fender Telecaster
    Fender 12 string electric
    2005 Fender Telecaster Custom (USA vintage RI)
    2006 Fender Mark Kay Stratocaster
    1959 Les Paul Custom Black Beauty
    1963 Gibson ES175
    2005 Gibson SG
    2002 Martin D-28

    '69 SVT
    '07 SVT-VR
    '64 B15N
    '71 V4B
    '72 Ampeg VT40
    '66 Fender Bassman
    '55 Fender Bassman (4X10)
    '57 Fender tweed Deluxe
    '65 Fender Deluxe Reverb
    '67 Showman w/K140 tone ring showman cab
    '68 Dual Showman w/K140 tone ring showman cab
    '72 Baldwin B-1
    Sunn 200S
    Sunn 190B
    Sunn 2000S
    1954 Fender Pro
    1955 Fender Champ
    1958 Fender Deluxe
    1962 Fender Concert
    Fender 400PS
    Fender 300PS
    Fender Super Twin (Bass head)
    GK 1001RBII
    Custom 180 watt Tube Super Beatle
    Yamaha BBT500H
    Genz Benz GBE-600
    Eden WT550B
    Kustom K200B
    Heathkit TA-38
    Silvertone Bass 150
    Acoustic 320 (1981) w/408 Cab
    Acoustic 370 W/408 cab with K140's
    Acoustic 220 head

    Accugroove El Whappo Jr.
    Ampeg 8x10
    Ampeg V4 (4x12 2512's)
    Sunn 2x15 (K140's)
    Sunn 1x18
    Fender 2x15 (K140's)
    Fender Bassman 2x15 (K140's)
    Fender Bassman 2x12
    Vox Custom 1212/6
    Vox Super Beatle (2x15 JBL K140's)
    two 2x10 sealed cabs w/2510's
    EV TL606
    2X Acoustic 408 (4x15's)

    Rack rigs:
    Demeter HPB-1J
    Ashly BP-41
    Ampeg SVP CL
    Ampeg SVP Pro
    Yamaha PB-1
    Sansamp PSA 1
    Sansamp PSA
    Sansamp RPM
    Avalon VT-737SP
    Presonus Eureka
    Art Pro Channel
    Alembic F1-X
    Focusrite Tone Factory
    Focusrite ISA430 MKII
    UA 6176
    UA LA 610 MII
    Neve 1060 (x2)

    Empirical Labs EL-8 (x2)
    Urie 1176LN (x2)
    Aphex 661
    Aphex 651 (x2)
    Drawmer DL241
    Ashly DPX100
    Ashly DPX200
    Ashly CLX51
    DBX 160X
    DBX 160 VU
    Rane DC24
    SPL Transient Designer 4

    Power Amps:
    Crown xti1000 (x2)
    Crown xti2000 (x3)
    Urei 6500

    ......and more than 500 effect pedals (new and vintage)
    Favorite Genres:
    Previously Owned Gear:
    Previously owned every model of vintage Ampeg, Fender, Acoustic, Sunn, Marshall, Vox, Plush, Standel, Kustom,Traynor Bass amps made.
    G.A.S. List:
    Neve 8801
    SSL X-logic Superanalogue Channel
    Influences and Teachers:
    McCartney, Jamerson, Squire, Clarke, Bruce
    John K Custom Basses

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