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    Local pickup only in safe Riverdale Section of the Bronx. Doorman building. I will meet you in the lobby or at the local Metro North if...

    DSC01698.JPG DSC01699.JPG DSC01700.JPG DSC01702.JPG DSC01703.JPG DSC01704.JPG DSC01706.JPG DSC01707.JPG DSC01701.JPG DSC01705.JPG Feb 7, 2023 at 4:11 PM
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    Love everything about this exceptional bass. I'm not the original owner, but it's in like new condition as if it came from the shop. I'm...

    76D65E27-23B0-4ABD-90D2-2660897B485F.jpeg 30D36972-32FE-49D7-B82E-D03F4E23B32B.jpeg D24F606D-1C11-4C53-B8CF-F5639111703E.jpeg D2D30339-6272-4C82-B312-D8A3B2C11D4F.jpeg AE19BF10-3CDC-4249-ABCB-8C38EAEE2EBA.jpeg 9B803125-BF13-4617-9101-1DF019D44D8A.jpeg 2954F6FF-1F57-4FA8-BB52-D92ABF3AA883.jpeg 92579866-AA68-491C-AC48-CDF7025602FC.jpeg 9675754A-FA75-40DE-BA77-60B0E62E783B.jpeg 54261E3A-6575-4320-A768-8A891B2D1438.jpeg Feb 2, 2023 at 12:18 PM
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    Not to rub it in, but pausing from a practice session, I look across my home studio and see three of my favorite things: Dog, bass,...

    Noble, bass and dog.jpg Feb 1, 2023