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Aug 25, 2016 at 8:28 PM
May 24, 2002
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Houston TX.


from Houston TX.

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Viewing forum Basses [BG], Aug 25, 2016 at 8:28 PM
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    Houston TX.
    Current Setup:
    LeCompte ST SS-4 (Bloody Knuckles)
    LeCompte 5 String T-bird (first LeCompte Customer bass)
    Hamer Chaparral 12 String (USA)
    Galveston 12 String
    Galveston F-Hole Acoustic/Electric
    Galveston American Flag P bass
    Ibanez Roadstar RB 650
    OLP MM2 (first gen)
    SX (modified) P bass
    SX Black & Chome Jazz
    SX P/J Bass
    Squier VM Fretless
    Squier VM Precision (Tele) bass
    Squier VM Cabronita bass
    Squire VM Precision - natural (The Hot Blonde)
    Squier Mike Dirnt Sig
    Squier Affinity P Bass
    Squier II Precision Bass (made in India)
    Hagstrom Swede
    Fender P (MIM)
    Fender P Squier Series (The Mutt)
    Fender P Squier Series (The Pimp)
    Fender P Squier Series (The Red One)
    Epiphone Goth Thunderbird
    Epiphone Goth Thunderbird #2
    Epiphone Sunburst Thunderbird
    Epiphone EB0
    Epiphone EB3
    Danelectro 63
    Spector Performer DLX
    Hadean bass Uke
    NS Designs WAV 4 upright

    Behringer Rack Tuner
    Peavey TB Raxx tube bass preamp
    Crown XLS1000 Drivecore amp
    Behringer BB210 + BB115 cabs
    Gigs and Ensembles:
    G.A.S. List:
    Inexpensive basses.....


    No Signature Required.

    I haz a twitter @madman_justice Follow me, I might just say something.