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Feb 27, 2019
Mar 30, 2012
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October 18
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Naples (ITALY)

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Male, from Naples (ITALY)

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Feb 27, 2019
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    October 18
    Home Page:
    Naples (ITALY)
    Current Setup:

    1) '00 Fender® American Series Stratocaster (3-Color Sunburst, Pearloid Pickguard, Rosewood) + Fender Custom Shop™ Texas Special Pickups A.K.A. Sunny
    2) Orpheus Valley Kremona Rondo R65S Classical Guitar A.K.A. Sophie
    3) 2018 Yamaha - LS TA (Vintage Natural) A.K.A. Coco
    4) 2018 Fender® Player Telecaster® Maple Fretboard (Black)

    1) 2011 Fender® American Standard Precision Bass (Olympic White, Tortoise Shell Pickguard, Maple) (2008 Series) + Fender Custom Shop™ '62 P-Bass Pickup named Dwight, also known as Dwighty A.K.A. The White One
    2) 2016 Limited Edition Fender - American Standard "PJ" Bass® (3-Color Sunburst, Black Pickguard, Rosewood) A.K.A. Percy
    3) 2014 Fender - Classic Series '60s Jazz Bass® (Black) + Fender '62 Jazz Bass Concentric Control Plate + Fender Original Jazz Pickups + Generic High Mass Bass Bridge Plate/Wilkinson Brass Saddles A.K.A. Blackie III
    4) 2013 Fender® American Standard Jazz Bass Body (Black) + Official Fender® American Professional Jazz Bass Replacement Neck + Fender Mod V Jazz Pickups (Black Pickguard, Rosewood) A.K.A. Pablo
    5) 2017 Fender® American Professional Jazz Bass (Natural, Black Pickguard, Maple) A.K.A. Marcus

    1) ZOOM B1 Bass Multieffects Pedal + Power Supply
    2) Behringer BEQ700 Bass Graphic Equalizer
    3) Electro Harmonix Nano Big Muff Pi
    4) J. Rockett Lemon Aid Booster/Preamp
    5) Nux CH-3 Chorus
    6) Akai Pro Drive3 Overdrive
    7) IGM Effects - Trash Comp (Custom Orange Comp)
    8) Warwick Rocktuner PT 2
    9) Harley Benton PowerPlant
    10) Eden Glowplug Tube Warmer Preamp
    11) TC Electronic Echobrain Analog Delay
    12) TC Electronic Choka Tremolo
    13) TC Electronic Nether Octaver
    14) TC Electronic Dark Matter Distortion

    1) Kustom Defender 5H Guitar Head
    2) Kustom Defender 112 Cab 1x12" Guitar Cabinet + 12" VHT Speaker 60W
    3) x2 Ampeg SVT-210AV 2x10" Bass Cabinet
    4) Fender Rumble 30
    5) DV Mark Bad Boy 120 Guitar Head
    6) Ampeg PF-350 Bass Head

    1) Focusrite Scarlet Solo USB Audio Interface
    2) the t.bone MB 45 II
    3) Superlux MSKA Singer Pack


    KORG GA-30 Guitar and Bass Tuner
    Various nylon Harley Benton & ErnieBall straps
    Multiple gauges guitar/bass picks, mainly Dunlop Tortex
    Proel Cables
    RockCable by Warwick Cable
    Planet Waves (by D'Addario) Cable
    MarkBass Cable
    Ibanez MU2 -Metronome Tuner
    Schaller Security Locks
    Schaller S-Locks
    Fender Security Locks
    Handmade REFERENCE L'Ultimo Cavo GBK+Proel Jack
    Multiple gauges strings for bass, electric, acoustic & classical guitar
    Favorite Genres:
    Punk Rock
    Gigs and Ensembles:
    The Outliner (www.facebook.com/theoutlinerband)
    Previously Owned Gear:
    Fender DG-4 BK Acoustic Guitar
    Ibanez PF60C (Blueburst) Acoustic Guitar
    Epiphone PR 200 BB (Greenburst) Acoustic Guitar
    Yamaha BB 414 A.K.A. Doc
    Ashdown Five 15 Bass Combo Amplifier
    2001 Fender Jazz Bass Standard + Schaller 3d + DiMarzio Ultrajazz N+B Set A.K.A. Blackie I
    '99/'00s Yamaha RGX 121 SJ (Mist Purple) Electric Guitar
    2006 Eko MM 300 Sunburst (chinese copy of a passive Stingray, made by Italian brand EKO) A.K.A. Levi (the Leviathan)
    '90s Eko BA-01-E Oriental Blueburst Made in Recanati + Kluson Machine heads A.K.A. Valentine
    '00s Eko CS-12 Classical Guitar A.K.A. Geena
    2011 60th Anniversary Edition Fender Standard Precision Bass® Body (Lake Placid Blue) + Squier by Fender Affinity Series PJ Neck A.K.A. Thanos
    2006 Fender® American Standard Precision Bass (Sunburst, Black Pickguard, Maple) (2003 Series)
    2015 Bugera BC-15 15W 1x8" Vintage Tube Guitar Combo Amp
    2015 Epiphone by Gibson - Les Paul® Custom Pro (Black) + Gibson 490 Set A.K.A. Blackie II
    '87 Fender® American Series Stratocaster (Gunmetal Blue) A.K.A. Blue
    '98 Fender® American Series Stratocaster (Shoreline Gold, Pearloid Pickguard, Maple) + Fender Locking Tuners + Fender Custom Shop™ Texas Special Pickups A.K.A. Goldie
    '12 PRS SE Custom 24 (Tobacco Sunburst)
    Ashdown Little Giant 350 Micro Bass Amp
    Ashdown MAG 410 T 4x10" Deep Bass Cabinet with Tweeter
    Squier by Fender Affinity Series PJ Body + 2011 60th Anniversary Edition Fender Standard Precision Bass® Neck + Pearloid Pickguard, Seymour Duncan SPB-3, Seymour Duncan SJB-3 N, Fender American Deluxe Bridge A.K.A. Frank Ken Bass The Kiribass
    2015 GEWA VGS (Vision in guitar) VGS RT-10 E Root (Natural Satin) A.K.A. Kimberley
    '99 Fender® Lone Star™ Stratocaster (Olympic White, Tortoise Shell Pickguard, Maple) + Spertzel Locking Tuners A.K.A. Angie
    2014 Fender Vintage Hot Rod ’70s Jazz Bass® (3-Color Sunburst, Tortoise Shell Pickguard, Rosewood) A.K.A. Charles V
    Influences and Teachers:
    Mark Hoppus, Mike Dirnt, Steve Harris, Matt Freeman, Joe Principe, Dan Andriano, Chris #2 (Barker), Sting, Jason Newsted, Matt Watcher, Greg Kriesel, Dave Novoselic, Fat Mike, Mike Herrera, Nikola Sarcevic, Jason Matthew Thirsk, Jeremy Davis, Flea, Fieldy, Stefan Olsdal, Justin Chancellor, Chris Wolstenholme, Paletta, Paul Gray, Cone, Paul Simonon, Glen Matlock, Simon Gallup, Tyson Ritter, David Desrosiers, Hunter Burgan, Eddie Breckenridge, Pat "PK" Kim, Brian "Papillon" Kienlen, Randy Bradbury, Roger Waters, Mark King, Markus Miller, Jaco Pastorius and many more.

    Past teachers: Dario Franco, Gennaro Cerbone, Daniele De Santo, Stanislao Ventriglia.
    Hobbies and Interests:
    Videogames Internet Movies Video Editing




    Fender Precision Bass #925 - Fender Jazz Bass #1435 - Acoustic Bass Fetish #205 - Crappy Bassist with Expensive Gear #214 - Mediocre Bassist #822 - "Matt Freeman is God no offence to Freeman!"
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