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Aug 9, 2007
Aug 9, 2007
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Aug 9, 2007
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    Current Setup:
    Electric Basses

    (Number 1) "Reedman" Korean P Bass Special, 3 colour sunburst, 20 frets, thick c shape neck,
    (Number 2) "Fender" Upgraded Mexican P Bass, olympic white, 20 frets, thin c shape neck,
    (Number 3) "Squier" Standard Indonesian P Bass Special, dark metallic grey, 20 frets, thin c shape neck,
    (Number 4) "Squier" Upgraded Japanese P Bass, red, 20 jumbo frets, thick c shape neck, oversized headstock
    (Number 5) "Fender" Mike Dirnt Signature Mexican P Bass, black, 20 jumbo frets, thick c shape neck
    (Number 6) "Squier" Standard Indonesian 5 string P Bass, 3 colour sunburst, 20 frets, thin neck
    (Number 7) "Epiphone" Les Paul Standard Bass, 2 colour orange sunbirst, 20 frets, modern c shape neck

    Acoustic Basses

    "Swift" Single Cutaway English Bass, black, electro-acoustic, fretless, thick c shape neck


    "Ampeg SVT 350 H" head, solid state, 350 watt @ 4 ohm, bass
    "Peavey MK 3 series" head, solid state, 150 watt @ 4 ohm, bass
    "Crate BX15WY" combo, solid state, 20 watt


    "Peavey 4x10" speaker cab, 350 watt @ 4 ohm, bass
    "Peavey 1x15" speaker cab, altec lansing speaker, 450 watt @ 4 ohm, bass


    "Shure" Beta 58 A
    "Samson" 7 piece kit drum microphones

    Wireless System

    "Shure" PGX 4 receiver
    "Shure" PGX 1 transmitter (x2)
    "Shure" WA 302 patch lead (x2)


    "Behringer" chromatic tuner TU100
    "Behringer" bass chorus BCH100
    "Behringer" bass limiter enhancer BLE100
    "Behringer" bass overdrive BOD100
    "Behringer" instrument / amp selector AB100
    "Behringer" compressor/ sustainer CS100
    "Digitech" x series dual band compressor
    "Hartke" bass attack
    G.A.S. List:
    Ampeg 8 x 10 Cab, Ampeg SVT pro 4 amp, G and L ASAT electo acoustic bass, Gibson Studio Thunderbird, Fender Jaguar bass, Fender highway 1 P Bass

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