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from Massamachusetts

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      I can't believe I was late for work tomorrow!
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    Home Page:
    Weruva International
    Current Setup:
    *2023 MIJ Fender Aerodyne Special P Bass
    *2023 Epiphone Embassy
    *Hohner B2A
    *2018 Fender All Rosewood P Bass w / Fender Roadworn Neck
    *Mister B Exploiterbird
    *Mister B PJ
    *2022 Squier Jaguar H
    *Mister B Guitars D-Ray
    *Mister B Guitars Dual P Bass
    *Squier Mini P, refinned Pelham Blue

    Genz Benz STM 900 / Schroeder PL212 / Genzler 112 / Genzler 115 / GK 400RB

    MXR Mini Bass Comp / Dunwich Bass Overdriver / Farm Pedals Maine 20th / Walrus Fnd Chorus / Mattoverse Swell Echo / Broughton Audio HPF
    Gigs and Ensembles:
    Happy Little Clouds, Broadcaster, The Extreme Terror, The Volcano Kings
    Previously Owned Gear:
    *Mister B Guitars Exploiterbird
    *2020 Lakland Skyline 44-02 Deluxe
    *Mister B Guitars F Bird
    *1990s Yamaha BEX4
    *Mister B Guitars Tele B
    *Mister B Guitars Soul J
    *2003 Fender Standard J Bass (black)
    *1972 Gibson Triumph
    *2019 Fender Vintera 50s P Bass CAR
    *1984 G&L L2000 which I sold in 2010 when I was broke and unemployed and was fortunate enough to buy back in 2016 (sold again in 2021)
    *2019 Gibson Les Paul Tribute DC
    *2020 G&L Fallout Bass
    *Fender Bronco with Duncan PUP
    *2017 Ibanez GSR 200 that is a joy to Play
    *1971 Gibson EB3
    *1980-something Guild Pilot with Custom Factory Swirl Finish
    *Hondo Longhorn
    *2002 G&L ASAT Thinline, with a BAD refin
    *1974 Hayman 4040
    *Tune 5er
    *1970s Sorina SB400
    *1996 MIJ Fender Jazz Bass, Fretless
    *2012 Fender American Special P Bass
    *2016 Fender Mustang
    *2017 P Bass Mutt (Squier VM body, EMG GZR, MIM Fender Neck, Tawny pg)
    *2015 Rickenbacker 4003
    *2017 Ibanez SR650
    *Sterling SUB 5er
    *Gold Epiphone Jack Casady
    *Hofner Beatle Bass Pink
    *2017 Yamaha BB434
    *2015 Fender American Standard P Bass
    *2012 Fender p bass mutt, shell pink warmoth body, MIJ P Bass pup, USA maple p bass special neck, tort
    *1963 Kay M-1B
    *El Tookaybird
    *2013 Fender Jazz mutt (Usa neck, GL body)
    *1990s Danelectro Longhorn
    *2014 Fender American Deluxe Dimension
    *1976 Guild JS1 modded in 76 to JS2 specs
    *1984 mij Fender p bass, lpb
    *2015 Guild M85
    *2000 Fender Mustang MIJ
    *1997 G&L L1500
    *2012 Squier VM Jazz w / Fender Super 55s
    *1980 Peavey T40 Black
    *2010 G&L tribute L2K
    *2013 ESP LTD Tommy Stinson
    *2005 Rickenbacker 4003
    *2014 American Standard P Bass, Jade Pearl
    *1981 Aria TSB 500 with Nordstrand Big Splits
    *1984 Fender Jazz Bass Special (PJ-535), non export
    *2008 Epiphone Jack Casady
    *2003 MIJ Fender Marcus Miller Jazz, SB
    *2004 Fender Standard P Bass
    *2007 Fender USA Jazz in Candy Cola
    *USA Musicman Sterling
    *1980 Kawai F2B
    *2008 Sterling Ray 34CA
    *2010 Fender RW P Bass Sunburst
    *1985 G&L L2000
    *2007 Epiphone Fenderbird with Squeir Jag neck, Schaller roller bridge, and Epiphone chrome pickups.
    *1997 Non Reverse Fenderbird (heavily modded with a T40 bridge pickup, DiMarzio P, Gotoh 201 bridge, Squier 77 B and B neck, refinished in Creme by Toyota)
    *1981 Ibanez Roadster RS824
    *2003 Agave Blue Fender P
    *2005 CIJ Fender Mustang
    *2014 Gibson EB
    *2010 Fender Standard Jazz
    *Fiesta Red Squier Classic Vibe P Bass (year unknown due to someone sanding off all the markings and putting on a 60s Fender logo
    *2003 MIM Fender P refin in shell pink with PAF DiMarzio
    *1992 MIM Jazzenstein, with DiMarzios and a squier vm bnb neck
    *2005 Fender Jaguar
    *1974 univox hi-flyer
    *80s parts P Bass with Chandler 2 piece ash body, MIK Fender P neck, Dimarzio Model P, and Gotoh Bridge
    *1981 Gibson Victory Artist
    *Epiphone Jack Casady Goldtop
    1981 Peavey T40 SB/RW!!!
    Schecter Hellcat VI
    2011 Squier VM Jaguar, with maple neck and cream pickup covers
    2008 Lakland Skyline Decade (thanks J Crawford!)
    70s? Unknown Shortscale
    2010 Fender HWY1 P bass (thanks klaatu!)
    2002 Squier Deluxe P bass
    1994 Ibanez ATK 300
    200something Yamaha BB614
    1997 Squier Pro Tone P Bass V
    1995 modded Fender P with DiMarzio Will Power and Dimarzio Model one, hipshot D-tuner
    1979 Natural Peavey T40 (second one!)
    2008 Squier Classic Vibe P
    2007 Squier Vintage Modified P, fretless
    1987 G&L L2000
    1984/87 MIJ Fender Precision
    1996 MIA Jazz Bass Deluxe V
    1982 Peavey T40 Sunburst! (damn it I'm poor)
    1979 Peavey T-40 natural (sigh....)
    1983 Peavey T45 Cherry burst
    1981 Peavey T-40 White
    1983 Peavey T-20 Natural
    1982 Ibanez Blazer
    1981 Aria CSB-450
    1983 Aria RSB Deluxe FL
    1996 Ibanez TR505
    2006 (?) Ibanez AFB200 (2nd time--I bought it back!)(and promptly sold it!)
    Palatino Upright
    1969 Kay Blondie
    Quilter BB800
    Bergantino CN212
    Pair of TE 2x8
    Trace Elliot ELF
    TE 110
    Ampeg PF20 /
    Ampeg Micro CL /
    Custom TL606 style 115
    *pair of Dr Bass 112 cabs /
    *Ampeg 210
    *Aguilar TH500 /
    *Ampeg V4BH
    *Sunn 200s
    *Mesa D800+
    *GK MB500 w/ 2 x Rumble 210 Cab
    *Free Hartke A25
    *Little ol' Fender Rumble 100 V3
    *Genz Benz STM600 (#2)
    *LDS 8x8
    *SWR Goliath Jr III
    *GK 800RB (very early version I think)
    *Genz Benz STM600
    Ampeg PF500 (#2)
    Polytone MiniBrain
    GK 1001 RBII
    Ampeg PF500
    Genz Benz GBE600
    1972 Acoustic 370
    Peavey Firebass700
    Peavey 400BH
    GK 700RB
    Ampeg B3
    Ampeg BA500
    GK BL250 (bought for 25 bucks!)
    SWR SM-400
    *LDS 8X8
    *Aguilar GS112
    *Trace Elliot 1518
    *Pair of GK NEO 115
    *Sonic 112 recovered in fawn tolex with wheat grille
    *Yorkville Basmaster 200 115 combo with BC115 extension cab
    Ampeg BXT115
    GK NEO212
    Dr Bass 2460 (thanks pgbassman)
    Genz Benz Uber 212
    Aguilar GS 212
    2 Sonic 115 Cabs w Kappalite 3015s
    115 Joe's Cab
    Avatar Neo 410
    SWR 212 12-pack
    SWR Bigfoot 212
    Bag End d10-d
    Bag End D10x-d
    SWR Bigfoot 212 (I bought it back!)(I sold it again!)
    Peavey TKO 115
    Peavey MicroBass (first amp!)
    Marshall 5522 115 Combo
    Yorkville 400B
    Peavey Nitrobass
    Kustom KC150
    Ampeg 410he
    And a lonnnng time ago, an Earth tube head with an Earth 215 cab
    Influences and Teachers:
    John, John, James, Bruce Foxton, Dave Allen, Joseph Lucky Scott

    But Rob Jordan (RIP) and my brother Jeff are the ones who forced me to play bass.
    Hobbies and Interests:
    I'm the Squier of Fenderbirds



    The Extreme Terror

    RI Bass Players Club #33

    Visit my friends at Empire Guitars
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