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Jul 11, 2007
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Portland OR

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    Portland OR
    Current Setup:
    RA Mouse, Fender P, Fernandes P & J,
    Lull V4

    AudioKinesis Thunderchild 12AF cab, Hughes & Kettner Fortress, Trace Quatra-Valve, Mesa Walkabout head, Eminence 2x3015 in home-built cab
    Gigs and Ensembles:
    Madison Square Basement
    Previously Owned Gear:
    Clement fretless, Fender Sting & P, G & L Tribute L2500, Lakland Skyline DJ & Skyline Hollowbody, Lull V4 & MV5 fretless, RA fretted Mouse & Solid 4, USACG/Warmoth/Darkstar P

    Alembic FX-1, Alembic F2B, Ampeg SVP-CL, SVP-Pro & B15R, Ashdown RPM-1, BBE Max-T, Fender TBP-1, Genz Benz 410T-XB, Hartke LH500, Hughes & Kettner BATT, Sarno Revelation, Summit TD100 & TLA50, Aguilar DB728, Carvin B1500, MarkBass LM II, Trace V Type preamp & V Type 300, Mesa M-190, Strategy 400 & Basis M-2000, Orange OR120, Crest CA9, Ampeg V4, Avatar 212, Bergantino NV425 & NV610, Mesa Diesel EV 215 & 115, Orange OBC15, Trace 1153
    G.A.S. List:
    Better playing skills!


    Living in interesting times

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