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Jul 4, 2011
Mar 3, 2006
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Jul 4, 2011
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    Current Setup:
    Bass speaker cabinets (all tuck & roll):
    ∙ Kustom red tuck&roll early 2x15 cab..put in 4 Basslite tens and lightweight back.(stock 85 lbs w CTS; 59 lbs with 410's)
    ∙ Kustom red T&R 1x10 40w combo - I made a staggered baffle so I could fit two Basslite S2010 tens - to use for small gigs - 27 lbs, enclosure 0.7 cu ft gross
    ∙ Earth red 2x15 cab -tuck and roll like Plush..cab was 125 lbs, I reduced it to 80 lbs.
    Kasino bass guitar
    Eden Nemesis Silver Series bass amp head
    Carvin HT1000 power amp
    (email LStrick115@aol.com your S.N if you have any questions on dating your Vintage Kustom)
    Try it! Experimentation is good. If you don't like it, you can just change it back. Even a failed experiment is a success if you learn something from it.
    I do not understand why some people will not bother offering suggestions or ideas to someone's post, but they are eager to critique and criticize your suggestions/ideas, as though they feel their opinion is more important than yours and it is their duty to "correct" your posts to their way of thinking.
    ABP: "There is only one valid opinion - mine."
    Gigs and Ensembles:
    Atwood Express - 1995 to present
    Previously Owned Gear:
    I really miss the first three...
    ∙ Legion Sound SSB-212L / LS212 with BassLites (44.6 lbs -World’s lightest – stock is 61 lbs)
    ∙ Madison MAB-210, 3.1 cu ft, 8 ohm, great 2x10 cab.
    ∙ Kustom red tuck&roll 3x12 cab..5.6 cu ft..put in S2012 BassLites. World Lightest 72 lbs..stock 98 lbs
    ∙ Kustom blue T&R 2x12 cab ..due to this website I put in alum cone Bugera 10's -they sound pretty good- changed to Hartke XL's.
    ∙ ~1968 Haynes Bass King 2x12 combo
    ∙ Kustom charcoal T&R 2x12 cab ..Basslite tens.. 53 lbs
    ∙ Kustom cascade T&R 2x12 cab with Madison Knights 60 lbs..excellent bass (48 lbs w S2012)
    ∙ Legion Sound 4x12 guitar cab (5.4 cu ft) that I converted to 2x12 bass cab with EV's (I got the idea from a posting on this website telling the guy not to do it.) weight 93 lbs.
    ∙ Peavey 410TVX 4 ohms 5.6 cu ft, little less deep bass but more impact than 2x12EV, stronger deep bass than LS212 but less mids/upper bass, weight 111 lbs.
    ∙ Custom built 2x12 with Madison Knight 12's (4.7 cu ft) The Legion Sound SSB-212L/BassLites has a better overall bass sound, but for deep bass the Madison Knights are better: +2dB at 40Hz, + 3 at 30Hz, +5 at 25Hz.
    ∙ Modified 2x10 3.9 cu ft cabinet with Madison Warriors, lightened to 43 lbs, switchable 4/16 ohm.
    ∙ Krossroad AR200 2x10 with S2010 BassLites (does not have amp) - enlarged from 2.3CF to 2.9CF which improved bass especially below 50 Hz, switchable 4/16 ohm, 55 lbs)
    ∙ Kustom K100 1x15 combo amp with one 12” BassLite (61.7 lbs - World's lightest -stock is 81 lbs)
    -Avatar B115H (neo).
    -Peavey Microbass (1987).
    -Yamaha 215 cabinet.
    -Crate BX-25 bass amp
    -Homebuilt 2x8 Madison (42 lbs 1.8 cu ft).
    -Crate (modified) 2x10 BX-50 bass amp with two 10" Madison Warriors (55 lbs 2.0 cu ft - World’s baddest BX50 -stock 41 lbs 1.07 cu ft)
    Hobbies and Interests:

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