Lexy Bivens
Aug 26, 2018
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BFE Nebraska

Lexy Bivens

Guest, Female, from BFE Nebraska

Having position of bass, and both arms. Cramps in L hand, and R hand not hitting D/G suddenly. I'm hitting the frustration stage Sep 11, 2018

    1. Lexy Bivens
      Lexy Bivens
      Having position of bass, and both arms. Cramps in L hand, and R hand not hitting D/G suddenly. I'm hitting the frustration stage
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    2. Lexy Bivens
      Lexy Bivens
      N00B all over again! Just bought a new bass after 25 years, and am actually taking the time to learn.
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    BFE Nebraska
    Current Setup:
    Yamaha TRBX174-EW Bass w/tapewounds, I play via a headphone amp or PC that yells at me when I screw up. My ancient amp is only good for my theremin now, I blew the deep end years ago.
    Dean A/E
    Hondo with the gold marker script, needs new neck. I steal parts from it for now.
    Favorite Genres:
    What I play isn't what I like to listen to always. There's very few styles I'm not working/have/will work on,.
    I'm also a HUGE music lover, from opera, Broadway, 30s to current. Not big into country, occasionally there's an exception. (Love John Denver and Cash) and dislike most rap, hate screamo, and not into thrash or scream metal. And 80s hair 'metal' (bands) with exceptions.

    My playlist confuse most ppl. I follow Drum and Bugle Corps ( sport that's AMAZING!) THOUGH NEVER marched/played in band.
    Gigs and Ensembles:
    Nope. This is JUST a hobby for ME AND ME ONLY. My Enjoyment of music, my appreciation, my love of the bass.
    Previously Owned Gear:
    Only thing I don't own anymore PERIOD musically is my marshal half stack, blow out the windows amo/head.
    Sold it to move to NOLA back o in 2000
    G.A.S. List:
    Violin Bass
    Electric upright bass, that's skinny...
    I've never used pedals, and I've got that stuff via pc, along with heads, racks, preamp, etc.
    A looper would be awesome, and a small profile but loud round sounding amp would be lovely, with Idk what their called, but it's 1 pedal for 27 effects type things, it's long and big?
    As I said, podunk town.
    Influences and Teachers:
    No teachers. None HERE
    no direct influences, but there are bassists that AFTER I started playing I started to really love, but I already loved the bands anyway.
    Fava would be Entwhistle and McCartney (tho he's me least fav Beatle), and Green Day - Now punk.... Wrecking Machiene, 2 bassists for Motown, old school blues bass lines (muddy waters, Booker t era)

    Love "classic rock" and "oldies" bass lines. Those make more sense to me than a lot of modern.
    Hobbies and Interests:
    Uhm... I watch TV and read. I dabble. I'm an artist, who never produces finished pieces. I'm a gamer (tabletop, card, and every console, prefer Steam/Rift), my spoiled rotten mutts, I love learning new things. Esp history. Rather obsessed with history and true crime/law (I've a degree as a paralegal)
    I also do some magic, I like to work with ny hands, ie parts of my kitchen is down to the lath.

    Most of it was, and I restored it, have a foundational crack left, waitinf for it to cool off to do the last few batches of durabond. Taught self as I went.

    As I said, I dabble.
    I'm Alexandrea,- aka Alex, Lexy, or Lex, or QB and I HATE FB so use your imagination. My daughter is PB, as she's the princess when I became queen, mom then QMB queen mum....
    To our faces :) we've.a twisted sense of Humor.

    I gotgot my 1st bass in 95, no body to teach me. I already read tab, as I was FORCED to try learning guitar first, which I HATE. I CAN'T DO IT, still cant. Unless I down tune it an octave, tape B n G off the frets, and play bass on it LOL. Typical HS crap bands. Did Miss NC Nebraska pagent, with Ironman as my talent in the bass LMAO. I am glad I had no thoughts if winning when I went! But was a silly set list of outrageous goals, and that crossed one off. Only time EVER played in public. Uhm, I can't sing, I collect instruments, so have the 3 basses, 3 guitars (one I loaned to nephew for school, whe he quits, I'll donate it, as it's a rural school, and someone stole one last year I paid almost nothing for it used. Also, I have a rest of my life disease which makes finlly bothering to PLAY the bass harder. It's called RSD/CRPS. IT'S A Neurological disease, leaving me 15% use of my R arm, with the most severe type of pin known to man, like napalm lit) instead of blood. But also it cannot be touched, certain sounds HURTS, A 5 MPH BREEZE FEELS LIKE SLEET AT 90 MPH. It NEVER STOPS IT NEVER WILL. SOME days are worse than others. Some days I cannot control my hand, like Ash in Evil Dead. Or Alien Hand Syndrome. I cannot "get" D n G to make a sound off n on, tho I KNOW my finger hits it, but won't cooperate and (I know it's not pluck but lost the word. Whixh I have major memory issues due to this disease and the 8 years of SUPER HIGH amounts of drugs I was on did damage. I used to have a thing that basically was near perfect autobiographical memory. So lemme tell ya.....

    Due to RSD I'm having trouble finding the right place to hold the bass, where it's in natural position, but not coming from shoulder, or wrist more elbow, or wrist if just on 2 strings, ya know? Left cramps up like arthritis (I don't have it there) am I just over playing?

    I've 2 kids, 16 and 10, both are evil. They live in GA due to education here was screwing then both over. I'm a product of this school system, so I don't have Bice things to say. Plus RSD Is just ONE problem, so combine em all, with the crap with the schools (safety was involved, both had been assaulted multiple times with cops involved, nothing done to protect them, happen s again and again.... The are safer in a city of 7 million Than 50k!)

    I have SEVERE ADHD, even ON my meds, so SHI Y RABID SQUIRREL!

    SO I BABBEL a lot, I sorry.

    I'm also new to 99% of this, so I will ask a lot of dumb questions, if I get annoying, please pm me and TELL NE TO SHUT UP.

    Thanks everyone!
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