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Sep 22, 1967 (Age: 56)
Brooklyn, NY


Male, 56, from Brooklyn, NY

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    Sep 22, 1967 (Age: 56)
    Brooklyn, NY
    Current Setup:
    '83 G&L L2K (rosewood/mahogany)
    '85 G&L L2K (ebony fretless)
    '87 G&L L2K (rosewood/ash)
    '85 Fender MIJ P (rosewood)
    '83 Fender P (maple)
    '76 Fender P (maple - currently under reconstruction)
    '78 Fender P (rosewood fretless w/flats)
    '11 Fender Amer. Special P (maple)
    '08 Fender CIJ 51 P reissue (flats)
    '97 Fender N.Redding J (flats)
    '72 Fender J (rosewood, pearl blocks)
    '89-ish ESP parts J (ebony fretless)
    '85-ish ESP parts “L1K” (rosewood fretless)
    '90s Maison 5-string
    '11 Rickenbacker 4003
    '80 Rickenbacker 4001FL
    '78 Musicman Stingray (maple)
    '87 Musicman Sabre (fretless)
    '88 Musicman Stingray (fretless)
    '04 Musicman SUB
    '83 Modulus BaSSStar
    '79 Ibanez Studio ST-924
    '79 Ibanez Studio ST-924 (Yup, another one!)
    '79 Ibanez Musician MC-924
    '79 Ibanez Musician (fretless) MC-940
    '80s Kawaii FIIB
    '78 Guild B-302F
    '00 Warwick Corvette Standard (fretless)
    '07 Alleva-Coppolo LG-5
    '99 Tourmakeady custom fretless 5
    Late 60s Dan Armstrong/Danelectro (single-cutaway w/ flats)
    Landscape ARB-204/FL (flats)
    NS Design CR5M (D'Addario lights)
    '54 Kay M1 (Evah Parazzi Weich)
    '52 Kay M1B (Corelli 370 Medium)
    '85 Chapman Stick (baritone tuning, 10-string)

    '66 Ampeg B-15Nf
    ‘67 Ampeg SB-12
    Ampeg SVT3 Pro
    Eden WT-400
    Aguilar TH-500
    SWR Workingman's 12
    Groove Tubes (SWR) Tube Bass Preamp
    Carvin DCM1000L power amp
    Carvin BX500 with...

    ...Carvin BR515N & "airhead" cab
    Eden D210T
    Eden D210XLT
    Dr. Bass DRB2460D
    Aguilar SL-112
    Electro-Voice B115-M (heavily modified)
    Low Down Sound 1x12
    Riviera 1x15 (w/ EV EVM-15L)
    Homebrew 2x8"+5"

    Assorted Gak:
    Joseph Richter bow - French grip, white hair
    '50s Kay bow - German Grip, mixed hair
    Crappy bow - French grip, white hair, awful
    Whirlwind HotBox DI
    Countryman Type 85 DI (x2)
    LR Baggs Para Acoustic DI
    a coupla passive DIs
    FatMan tube compressor
    A buncha guitars, amps and pedals
    A basement full of tube amp parts
    Favorite Genres:
    A little of everything... except show tunes.
    Gigs and Ensembles:
    Church of Betty, The Underbites, occasional pick-up gigs and sessions

    Brooke Moriber, Annie Activator, Jolly Good, Spear and Magic Helmet (Travis Lee), Chuck & Sue, Tyrannosaurus Mouse, Chuck Dorman’s Big Sticky Band, The Joybuzzers, Diatomaceous Earth, Better Watch Pete, The Rants, Tropicalia, Kathia Jane Band, Thumper, Gary 7, The Land Band, several more I can’t think of right now….
    Previously Owned Gear:
    '72 Hagstrom Swede bass
    '79 Ibanez Musician 8-string
    '83 Ibanez Musician MC-924
    '96 Fender MIJ J (fretless)
    '90s Tobias Growler 5
    '86? Yamaha RBX-250 (fretless)
    '81 Kramer DMZ 5000
    '80s Kramer P/J (rosewood fretless)
    '80s ESP P/J (rosewood fretless)
    '90s ESP J
    '91 Musicman Stingray 5
    '76 Ibanez 2369B “lawsuit” P/J
    '70s GEM Electronics J copy
    SWR Studio 220
    Hartke 2X10
    Genz-Benz 1X15
    no-name 2X15
    early '70s Yamaha SS head
    '70s Traynor 1x15
    Peavy Microbass
    G.A.S. List:
    P-bass loaded with T-bird p’ups
    P-bass loaded with Bi-Sonic
    P/J fretless
    Epiphone Allen Woody
    Early MM Sabre (maple)
    Early MM Sabre (fretless)
    Musicman Cutlass
    G&L L2K (maple)
    G&L L1K (rosewood)
    Fender Jazz (maple w/ pearl blocks)
    Rick 4001v63 (mapleglow w/ flats)
    Status S2 (fretless)
    Gibson Ripper (fretless)
    5-String P/MM w/ maple board
    Tourmakeady 5-string fretted
    Kubicki Factor (fretless)
    Wal MkI 4-string (fretless)
    Yamaha SA-70 (Green)
    Another Chapman Stick (bamboo)
    A nice carved upright
    LDS 12/6 neo (x2)
    EV RE-20
    Beyer M88
    Some good condensers
    Radial J-48 & JDI
    Traynor YBA-1
    Low-Watt tube heads
    More B-15s!
    More time to play....
    Influences and Teachers:
    Tony Levin, Graham Maby, Lee Sklar, Willie Weeks, Max Bennett, Percy Jones, Colin Moulding, Tom Fowler, Mike Watt, Paul McCartney, Chuck Rainey, Bill MacCormick, Bruce Thomas, Mingus, Michael Formanek, Rufus Reid, Paul Chambers, Ray Brown, Jamerson, Duck Dunn, Dave Hope, John Giblin, Andy Metcalfe, Ralphe Armstrong, Jaco, Paul Dugan, Larry Klein, Paul Jackson, John Wetton, Scott Thunes, Glen Cornick, Arthur Barrow, Charley Anderson, Horace Panter, Mark Bedford, Bill Laswell, Robbie Shakespeare, Ronald "Stepper" McQueen, John Glascock, Darryl Jones, Fernando Saunders
    Scott Janis
    Ken Freeman
    Kim Clarke
    John Loehrke
    Will Slater
    Hobbies and Interests:
    guitar, banjo, mandolin, instrument repair, tube gear repair/restoration, photography, cycling, an occasional day fishing never hurts.
    I like pie.


    "People don't realize it, but the bass player holds the whole thing up like Atlas." -Some wino who talked to me on the subway on my way to a gig
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