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Mar 29, 2011
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Dec 17, 1962 (Age: 54)
Central NJ
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    Dec 17, 1962 (Age: 54)
    Central NJ
    Current Setup:
    1993 EBMM Sterling 4H (Blue Pearl / Maple)
    2003 G&L SB-2 (3TS / Rosewood)
    1986 Ibanez RB650 (Red / Rosewood)
    1984 Ibanez RB750 (Trans Blue / Rosewood)

    GK MB Fusion 800
    GK MB 200
    Genz Benz GBE 750
    Peavey MAX pre (modified)
    Peavey IPR-1600
    BBE 383
    Carvin DCM1500
    Avatar SB210 Neo (x2)
    Avatar B410 Neo
    Dr. Bass 112

    Club Affiliations:
    G&L Club #426
    EBMM Sterling Club #141
    Ibanez Blazer/Roadstar Club #67
    GK Club #1097
    Genz Benz Club #445
    Fender Precision Club #869
    Black 'n' Maple Club #517
    Black 'n' Tort Club #58
    Peavey Amps Club #172
    SWR Club #172
    Ibanez Club #957
    MegaBass Club #8
    Drummers Who Became Bassists Club #40
    Favorite Genres:
    60's-90's Rock, Funk, New Wave, 80's Dance, Hip Hop, Disco, Reggae, Ska, 2-Tone, Punk, Post-punk, Rockabilly.
    Gigs and Ensembles:
    'Lieder', 'The Basementeers'
    Previously Owned Gear:
    1996 EBMM Sterling 4H
    1996 EBMM Sterling 4H
    1997 EBMM Sterling 4H
    1999 EBMM Sterling 4H
    1989 EBMM Stingray 5H
    2005 G&L L-2500
    2005 G&L SB-2
    1977 Fender Precision
    1978 Fender Precision
    2006 Fender Precision Special
    1982 Fender Bullet Deluxe
    1995 Hamer USA Cruise 5 2Tek
    1978 Rickenbacker 4001
    1986 Rickenbacker 4001
    1985 Ibanez RB850
    1987 Ibanez SR800
    1984 Peavey Patriot
    1985 Peavey Fury
    1987 Peavey Foundation S
    1979 Vantage VP700B
    1984 Steinberger XL-2

    Ampeg B-15N
    Ampeg SVT-IIP
    GK 800RB
    GK 400RB
    GK 700RB II
    Peavey T.B.Raxx
    Peavey Mark III
    Peavey Mark IV
    Peavey MegaBass
    Peavey ProBass 1000
    Peavey T-Max
    Peavey Roadmaster VT
    Peavey DECA/424
    Peavey DECA/724
    Peavey MicroBass
    Peavey TKO 65
    Peavey TNT130
    Hartke HA7000
    Eden Navigator
    Yamaha PB-1
    Bogen CHB-50
    SWR Goliath I
    SWR Goliath II
    SWR Golight Jr.
    SWR Golight 115
    GK 210RBH
    Hartke 410XL
    Peavey 410S
    Peavey 410TX
    Peavey 118BW
    Peavey 210P
    Peavey 215BW