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Apr 29, 2015
Apr 24, 2007
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from Pasadena, California

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Apr 29, 2015
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    Pasadena, California
    Current Setup:
    Fender Jazz Bass (audere preamp, Duncan P/Us, etc.)
    Tobias Killer B
    Mesa/Boogie M2000
    Markbass 2x10 Combo Amp
    korg DTR-2000 tuner
    Ampeg svt 410 HLF
    Line 6 echo park delay
    Bogdan Helter Skelter/Polish Love
    Electronix GeminiDrive
    MXR M82
    Earthbound Audio Effects SuperCollider
    Loop-Master w/5 loops
    Loop-Master Pedal board Patch Unit
    Analogman Mini Chorus w/mix knob & deep setting
    Pedaltrain Jr w/SC
    Voodoo Labs Pedal Power+
    George L's solderless cables
    Ernie Ball Hybrid Strings
    1mm Picks
    Gigs and Ensembles:
    currently experimenting with......Section 8
    Previously Owned Gear:
    Digitech Bass Whammy
    SKB PS-15 Powered Pedalboard
    Boss GEB-7 EQ
    Chunk Systems Agent 00Funk Mark II
    Chunk Systems Brown Dog
    Iron Ether Oxide Fuzz
    Bogdan (solasound tonebender MKII clone)
    Colorsound Tonebender Fuzz Reissue
    BBE sonic maximizer 482i
    Mesa/Boogie 400+
    Victor Bailey Jazz Bass (5 string)
    Mesa/Boogie RoadReady Powerhouse 1000
    Proco Rat II (modded by vodkamods)
    Ampeg B2r
    Ampeg Svt 4 pro
    Frostwave Funk-A-Duck
    MXR auto Q
    Guyatone WR3
    Warwick FNA Jazzman
    Malekko B:Assmaster
    Colorsound Tonebender Fuzz Reissue
    Barber LTD Special Recipe
    Furman M-8L
    Earthbound Audio Supercollider
    Analogman Chorus
    Electronix Geminidrive
    Demeter Compulator
    Bogdan Polish Love
    Line 6 Echo Park
    Loop-master made 5 loop effect switcher
    Loop-master made pedalboard patch
    PedalTrain Jr. with voodoo labs power supply
    Markbass 102CMD
    G.A.S. List:
    ANY Wal Bass
    Foxx Fuzz Wah Volume Reissue
    Guyatone BR2
    Crowther Prunes & Custard
    Markbass SD800
    Radial JDI
    Markbass Standard 104HF (X2)
    Rickenbacker 4001
    Musicman Stingray
    Akai Deep Impact
    Morley PWB
    Wilson Bass Wah
    Influences and Teachers:
    jeordie white, justin chancellor, dirk lance, les claypool, Flea, Paz Lenchantin, Tony Levin, charles mingus, greg edwards.


    Effects Addict Club Member #28
    Mesa/Boogie Club Member #28
    Tobias Club Founder & Member #1
    Fender Jaguar Club Member #27
    Fender Jazz Bass Club Member #157
    Sansansamp Club Member #11

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