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Feb 11, 2020
Jun 10, 2006
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from Halifax, Nova Scotia

megadan was last seen:
Feb 11, 2020
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    Home Page:
    Halifax, Nova Scotia
    Current Setup:
    G&L L-2000, Rickenbacker 4003, El Degas P-bass, Musicman Stingray (5-string)
    GK800RB, Traynor YBA-1, Bergantino NV610, Traynor 15 w/3015
    Moogerfooger MF-102, Moogerfooger MF-107, Diamond BCP-1, Prunes & Custard, Subdecay Prometheus, Polish Love OD, EHX Memory Boy, EHX Electric Mistress, Wounded Paw Attack Goat, Sonic Research Turbo Tuner, Way Huge Swollen Pickle
    Guitar gear:
    Fender Baritone Tele, Marshall 1965B 4x10 cab
    Previously Owned Gear:
    Rickenbacker 4001
    Musicman Stingray (4-string)
    Squier VM Jazz
    Kramer 650B w/ Darkstars
    Boss PS-2, Digitech Whammy, Boss RV-3, HAO Rustride, Line 6 DL-4, Boss OC-2, MXR Bass Octave, Tech 21 Sansamp, BOSS DM-2, EHX Stereo Memory Man w/ Hazarai, EHX Pulsar, EHX Bass Big Muff, Boss TU-2, bbe optostomp, boss ceb-3, EHX Micro POG, WMD Fatman
    Ampeg V4-B
    GK 1001RB
    Traynor YBA200
    Sound City Bass 150
    Peavey Alphabass
    SWR 350
    Peavey TNT
    SWR Big Ben
    Ampeg 610HLF
    Avatar 2x12
    Avatar 2x10
    G.A.S. List:
    Sennheiser 421



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