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Jan 23, 2008
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Orlando, FL
closed captioning coordinator

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Male, from Orlando, FL

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    Orlando, FL
    closed captioning coordinator
    Current Setup:
    Main stable:

    1970 Guild Starfire
    1967 Guild Starfire
    Warmoth Mooncaster
    MIJ Fender Mustang bass
    1970's Orlik Defil
    Fretless parts beast

    Alembic SF-2 / Yamaha PB-1 / Stewart PA-1000
    Hartke Model 3500
    Aguilar 2x10 (Eminence CA1059's)
    Custom 1x12 cab (Eminence Legend 12")
    Fender Bassman 100
    Gigs and Ensembles:
    Saint Johns Wake
    Previously Owned Gear:
    1966 Guild Starfire bass
    1967 Guild Starfire bass
    1968 Guild Starfire bass
    1971 Guild JS bass
    Warwick Starbass
    Gibson Thunderbird
    Fender Classic 50's Precision
    MIJ Fender Mustang RI bass
    2018 Gibson EB bass
    Godin Shifter bass
    1999 Epiphone Rivoli
    Danelectro Hodad korea
    90's Dearmond Starfire (Darkstarred)
    90's Dearmond JetStar II
    G&L Tribute L2500
    1998 Danelectro Longhorn Bass
    Ibanez Artcore ASB-140 (DarkStar'd)
    Ibanez Artcore ASB-140 (ChiSonic'd)
    MIA Fender Highway 1 Jazz bass
    2007 Fender MIA Precision bass
    2003 Fender MIA Jazz bass
    Epiphone Thunderbird Classic IV Pro
    Epiphone Jack Casady Basses
    Epiphone Korina Explorer bass
    Epiphone Thunderbirds
    1980's Ibanez Roadstar
    1960s Framus Sorento Hollowbody
    mid 90's MIA Fender Jazz
    1990 MIA Fender Jazz Bass Plus
    1985 Spector NS-2A
    1964 Guyatone
    1964 Hagstrom Futurama
    Danelectro '63 Reissue short scale
    Electra Phoenix Bass
    MIM Fender FSR Ash P-Bass
    MIM Fender Jazz bass
    MIM Fender P-basses
    MIM Fender fretless J-Bass
    Squier CV 50's Precision bass
    1960's no-name P-Bass (Guild Humbucker)
    Epiphone EB-3
    Agile Harm VI
    Ibanez GSR-205
    Ibanez GSR-200
    Ibanez GSR-100
    Squier P-Bass
    ESP ltd F-104
    Lucida Guitarron

    and probably a bunch of other stuff I'm forgetting
    Influences and Teachers:
    Jack Casady, John Deacon, Phil Lesh, John Stirratt
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