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Mike H
Sep 20, 2006
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Mike H

Senior bassist

Supporting Member
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    Current Setup:
    -- Fender Aerodyne Jazz -- TI Jazz Flats
    -- G&L L-2500-T -- TI Jazz Flats
    -- Fender Precision 1961/65 fretless -- Hipshot tuners/Drop-D; D'Addario Chromes
    -- Squier CV Jazz Bass -- D'Addario Chromes
    -- Squier VM Precision Bass -- D'Addario Chromes
    -- Squier VM Mustang Bass -- D'Addario Chromes
    -- MK Dragonfly III fretless 5-String AEB -- TI Jazz Flats

    -- Fender Rumble V3 500 head
    -- Yorkville BM400 head
    -- Bergantino AE112 cabs x 2
    -- Ibanez Promethean P5110 combo
    -- BOSS ME50B Multi FX

    -- Fender Telecaster MIJ 1997 -- 1953 RI w/ D'Addario Custom Lights
    -- Fender Deluxe 112 Plus combo (94W into 4 ohms)

    -- Shure SM58 mic
    -- Musika/Ultimate boom stand


    Mike H. -- Toronto Canada
    G&L L-2500-T
    Squier VM-P
    Fender Aerodyne Jazz
    61/66 Fender P "frankenbass" fretless
    TI Jazz Flats + D'Addario Chromes
    Fender Rumble 500 -- Bergantino AE112 x 2
    BOSS ME50B Multi FX

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