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Apr 18, 2021 at 10:57 PM
Mar 8, 2000
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Ohio, USA
Mental health counselor

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Male, from Ohio, USA

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    Ohio, USA
    Mental health counselor
    Current Setup:
    BGs (I designed and built)= 5-string chambered fretless, short-scale 4-string fretless, medium-scale 4-string fretless, 5-string long-scale fretted, Ashbory-style silicone-stringed fretless bass.

    DBs =1945 Kay double bass, Spirocore Weichs, Shen Ophelia French bow, Carlsson or Pops rosin, Fishman Full Circle or KK BassMax pickup.

    50's German plywood double bass, Spirocore Weich strings, KK BassMax pickup

    Other instruments= cello, violin, viola, 2 sitars, oud, Irish bouzouki, didgeridoos, spike fiddles, Turkish cumbus, Epi Les Paul guitar, Squier Strat, Washburn acoustic guitar, classical guitar, Scottish smallpipes, mandolin, assorted brass, wind and percussion instruments.

    Main rig = Markbass amps (LMII, LMIII, Ninja), 2 fEARful 12/6s. GK MB-II2 for practice and small venues.

    Other stuff = Fdeck HPF-III, Carvin 1x10 combo, Yamaha PA system, home-built pedalboard, lots of pedals, Boss looper, Reaper for recording, etc.....
    Favorite Genres:
    Roots reggae, rock (especially older prog), jazz, funk, classical Indian, Arabic, baroque classical, Celtic....
    Gigs and Ensembles:
    I've been playing in a roots reggae band since 1985. Piano/jazz duo. Occasionally play in another band doing reggae, funk, rock, blues, etc. Do some acoustic folky duo gigs on DB, and play acoustic guitar and sing at various events.
    Previously Owned Gear:
    I've owned a huge variety of gear since I started playing in 1975. BGs include Rickenbacker, Fenders, Music Man Sabre, Yamaha, Carvin, Danelectro, Peavey, and others.

    I've built many instruments: 4 and 5-string basses, electric upright, electric guitars, spike fiddles, etc.
    Influences and Teachers:
    Electric bass: Aston Barrett, Robbie Shakespeare, Jaco Pastorius, Tony Levin, Chris Squire, Geddy Lee, Flabba Holt, Stanley Clarke, Sting, James Jamerson, Eberhard Weber, Jah Wobble, Tina Weymouth, tons of others...

    Acoustic bass: Charlie Haden, Dave Holland, Ron Carter, Gary Karr, Edgar Meyer, NHOP, Chris Wood, Charles Mingus, Ray Brown, Paul Chambers, many others.....
    Hobbies and Interests:
    Instrument building, singing, reading history, fishing.

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