My name is Mudd
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Sep 17, 2016
Jan 24, 2009
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August 4
Central California

My name is Mudd

Male, from Central California

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Sep 17, 2016
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    August 4
    Central California
    Current Setup:
    - '08 Schecter 004, strung w/Ken Smith Rock Masters (all the goodness of Roto 66's, but these last longer than 20 minutes)

    - '08 Schecter Stiletto Extreme 4 modded (custom bone nut, Bartolini TBT preamp, more to come) strung w/GHS Pressurewounds

    - '07 Squier VM Precision Bass TB (aka; the Telecaster bass) modded (rewired parallel w/CTS pots, Switchcraft jack, Badass III bridge, more to come) strung with Smiths again

    - Rig 1; bass > Korg DT-10BK > Catalinbread Super Chili Picoso > Trace Elliott SMX Dual Compressor > etched/re-housed Fuzzrocious Grey Stache #87> kid-painted Fuzzrocious Kaeden OD #2 > plain-box Fuzzrocious BDPG #71 > Line 6 M5 w/Ernie Ball VP Jr 25k as an expression pedal (pedals mounted on PT Jr., powered by 1Spot) > '94 Trace Elliot AH130SM > Dr Bass 1260/Dr Bass 115LF *

    *both purchased used from the class-ads here, btw...which is the only way I'd recommend buying his cabs these days, unfortunately.


    - Rig 2; bass > Planet Waves tuner > BBE Opto Stomp > Catalinbread Hyper Pak #76 > Tronographic Rusty Box (pedals mounted on PT Mini, powered by 1Spot)> Epiphone Valve Junior head (re-tubed) > Markbass Traveler 102P (all sitting on an On-Stage amp stand)


    - Elixir, Monster and custom Mogami cables

    ...and I keep the picks that I rarely use in an Altoids tin that has Curious George on the cover...honest, wanna see?


    CLUBS - Acoustic Amp Owners # -- (retired), Ampeg Owners #256 (retired), Black 'n Maple Bass Owners#319, Fuzzrocious #34, Mediocre Bassist #193, Schecter Owners #60, Team Trace Elliot #167

    Favorite Genres:
    blues, rock, funk, whatever it is that Primus plays
    Gigs and Ensembles:
    Recording bassist for my instructor's album projects
    Previously Owned Gear:
    - ESP Ltd Viper-104

    - Fender 210/250
    - MIA Ampeg BA210sp
    - Acoustic B20

    - DigiTech BP80 (...yuck...)
    - EHX NYC Big Muff Pi (two different ones at different times, including a v4 from '78)
    - Aphex 1402 Bass Xciter
    - Boss BF-2
    - Boss ODB-3
    - Bogdan Polish Love
    - Guyatone MC-3
    - Barber Silver LTD
    - Tech 21 VT Bass
    - Barge Concepts VFB-2
    - Fuzzrocious Momster #2
    - Brimstone Audio XD-1
    - ElectroniX/Zeibek Submarine v.2
    - Fuzzrocious Grey Stache (and currently own again)
    - Fuzzrocious Broke Dick Peanut Gallery (and currently own again)
    - ElectroniX/Zeibek GeminiDrive, v.2
    G.A.S. List:
    BASSES - there are a number of basses that I'd like to own, but if I had the following I'd never GAS for another instrument. Ever.

    - Ovation Magnum I; the bass I wanted when I was in college
    - Kawaii FIIB; closest I'll ever get to an Alembic
    - some version of a Musicman Stingray
    - Rickenbacker 4001, preferably fireglo
    - Rickenbacker 4002; as much chance for this as I do for a Trace V8, but I can dream...

    - Hiwatt 200 head
    - Trace Elliot V-8 (...yeah, like it will happen...but still...)
    - Trace Elliott V-somethingsomething (...MUCH more probable than the V8)
    - I wouldn't turn down a Traynor head
    - I'd like to start picking up Trace cabs as I can afford them and become available

    PEDALS -
    - Earthquaker Devices Dispatch Master
    - Earthquaker Devices Grand Orbiter
    - ElectroniX/Zeibek Designer Submarine
    Influences and Teachers:
    John Paul Jones - Led Zeppelin, Them Crooked Vultures
    Chris Squier - Yes
    Sir Paul McCartney - the Beatles, Wings
    Flea - RHCP
    Les Claypool - Primus, Sausage, Flying Frog Brigade, Oysterhead
    John Entwistle - the Who
    Graham Maby - Joe Jackson
    Gail Ann Dorsey - David Bowie, B-52's, Seal
    Robert DeLeo - Stone Temple Pilots
    Stefan Lessard - Dave Matthews Band
    Doug Wimbish - Living Colour
    Melissa auf der Maur - Hole
    Hobbies and Interests:
    - Bicycling (road, mtn, 'cross), photography, computers/PC gaming, bonsai


    Mediocre Bassist #193
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