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mysteryclock's Recent Activity

  1. mysteryclock liked dave64o's post in the thread The Unfunkiest Slapped P-Bass Track of All Time.

    Whew! I saw that thread title and thought you found a video of ME playing! [ATTACH]

    giphy.gif?cid=ecf05e47pig9deb1o0vzzmkai4log6e3fqyn2o1l6hhbe2y9&rid=giphy.gif May 15, 2021 at 8:53 PM
  2. mysteryclock liked MTN.bass72's post in the thread The NANO Club! the pedaltrain babies or equivalent!!.

    The buttons are called Barefoot buttons. As for the G30.. I loved mine, when I had it. I used an old flip phone phone case to clip the...

    May 13, 2021 at 3:43 PM
  3. mysteryclock replied to the thread The NANO Club! the pedaltrain babies or equivalent!!.

    @FronTowardEnemy - two questions. How do you like the G30 wireless, and where did you happen to get your bigger-button attachments?...

    May 13, 2021 at 3:31 PM
  4. mysteryclock liked bassballs27's post in the thread For Trade Pete Hilton NAMM Sister Basses! Fretted and Fretless 4 strings!.

    Here’s an opportunity to own two incredible instruments. The pandemic is getting to my brain lately! I've been letting go of a ton of...

    02F7A4CB-F937-4522-A58E-56D1A9828CB6.jpeg CFF81F8B-052B-4AA3-8DA7-9045A8A99263.jpeg 1CBFDC64-E5E8-43CB-8F38-27FA19E27B1A.jpeg D7FF1E6A-8E45-4949-A46B-41DD209139C2.jpeg 8AF5DF58-5B6F-4BED-BD64-6B3F5C191DDE.jpeg 2C3F1B11-596D-4EB1-A075-CD9533E3F106.jpeg C15EA72F-8792-463A-A969-154B56851871.jpeg E48431E3-0EE5-4283-9DA3-4326E564E1E3.jpeg 558C1830-9C75-4858-BD5A-0F79DA7A7CA1.jpeg 98E1B541-3485-471A-99CD-C6DFAF03B8F2.jpeg 2567E13C-6A31-49F7-AFD4-A9389CFA0EA8.jpeg 5D9F02F4-2681-4FBD-B932-ADEEAF96A8D2.jpeg 9B219626-F29A-4136-89DC-5E28184B5601.jpeg 393592E6-3346-438C-8F9E-B2C5939D32F7.jpeg 6D235265-8722-4FD7-85E6-4BE296E873F1.jpeg B22F8E0C-1637-4C9D-8B0B-3C849AA09AFD.jpeg 3FFA5610-1597-4F0A-9D5E-DDD53AFAE79F.jpeg C7B57038-86D1-44FB-A93F-00E03D1B305E.jpeg 9E827E0B-59AF-4F2B-BC20-494953E7D010.jpeg 3035362F-B02E-4F62-B738-FBE51E925C17.jpeg 02DE0798-4A23-4CC7-B262-469FC54421D5.jpeg EF27ECEF-ED5C-4CC7-86E8-7ED1FDA37C8F.jpeg A9C33B3D-998B-4901-A416-F4CEB62E3630.jpeg 93E62BF3-D027-4D12-8A48-A1974E90FE3A.jpeg May 11, 2021
  5. mysteryclock replied to the thread For Sale Ibanez SR2400 Maple Top "Florid Natural" bass.

    If you know of anyone who's in the market for a 4-string, send 'em on over!

    May 11, 2021

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