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Jul 14, 2020 at 12:39 AM
Feb 7, 2011
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Sep 16, 1981 (Age: 38)
Home Page:
Fayetteville/ Ft Bragg, NC
surgical technologist, musician

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Male, 38, from Fayetteville/ Ft Bragg, NC

https://www.youtube.com/user/nephilymbass1 Oct 23, 2019

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Jul 14, 2020 at 12:39 AM
    1. Nephilymbass
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    Sep 16, 1981 (Age: 38)
    Home Page:
    Fayetteville/ Ft Bragg, NC
    surgical technologist, musician
    Current Setup:
    Dingwall ng2 5 string (main player)
    Fender standard jazz 5 string (backup)
    Fender CB-100ce acoustic 4 string

    Mesa D-800
    Ampeg 410he (loaded with eminence legends)
    Ampeg 15

    Shure glxd wireless/tuner
    Yamaha mx-49
    Favorite Genres:
    original metal, acoustic covers, movie soundtracks, solo bass, jazz
    Gigs and Ensembles:
    Long time bass player for Nephilym. PF jazz band. Currently in a new metalcore revival project that has yet to be named.
    Previously Owned Gear:
    ESP ltd f-415fm
    ESP ltd Viper 404
    Fender MIM P Bass 4
    Fender mim fretless Jazz 4
    Conklin gt7
    Peavey Fury P clone 4
    Ibanez TR 5 string
    Warwick Corvette FNA 5
    Warwick Corvette standard 5
    Warwick Corvette passive 5
    Warwick Thumb BO5
    Warwick Thumb NT5
    Warwick Thumb NT6
    Ernie ball Custom Bongo 5
    Ernie ball stingray 5H x2
    Sterling by musicman ray34cafl
    Korg Triton
    Korg x50
    Korg rack tuner
    Ampeg 810e
    SWR Goliath Sr 610
    Peavey Black Widow 115 cabs
    Peavey 810 cab
    Peavey 112 combo
    Peavey CS800x
    Peavey Max Bass Pre
    Avalon u5
    SWR 750x
    Ampeg SVT3
    Hartke 3500
    Shure Wireless systems
    Audio Technica wireless systems
    X2 wireless
    Line 6 wireless
    Line 6 M5
    Line 6 bass pod
    Line 6 pod HD
    Digitech whammy IV
    Digitech bass whammy (2014 version)
    Digitech bass multi chorus
    Digitech jamman stereo
    Digitech polara
    Boss ce-5
    Boss dd-3
    Boss odb-3
    Boss ls-2
    Boss cs-2
    Darkglass b7k ultra
    Darkglass duality
    Darkglass Alpha omega.
    Mxr bass octave deluxe
    Mxr micro chorus
    Mxr bass distortion
    Tc electronic flashback
    Tc electronic flashback x4
    Tech 21 sans amp RBI
    Tech 21 gt2
    Ehx deluxe bass big muff
    Furman pl-8
    G.A.S. List:
    Portable Recording gear
    Mesa subway cabs
    Influences and Teachers:
    Teachers: Bill Pearce, Mark Mabe

    Influenced: wow this could be a mile long so I'll just some it up by saying every good bassist from Janek Gwizdala to Alex Webster
    Hobbies and Interests:
    Hanging out with my wife and Kids, retro video games, going to concerts, gigging,writing and recording, buying new music.
    I'm a husband to a wife who is also a musician (violin) a father to two beautiful girls.

    Check out my previous band Nephilym


    New band material to come soon

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