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Nov 11, 1976 (Age: 47)
Home Page:
Kings Bay, GA
Submarine Ordnance Officer, U.S. Navy


Male, 47, from Kings Bay, GA

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    Nov 11, 1976 (Age: 47)
    Home Page:
    Kings Bay, GA
    Submarine Ordnance Officer, U.S. Navy
    Current Setup:
    mtd 535 #361
    tobias 4 string
    alvarez basses
    mesa 800+
    ampeg svt-15e cabinets
    aguilar tone hammer 350
    carvin bx500
    carvin brx10.2 x2

    xotic effects blender
    digitech drop
    boss tu-2
    boss cs-2
    boss odb-3
    boss ds-1
    boss fz-3
    boss ce-5
    boss oc-2
    boss dd-7
    boss dd-8
    boss ns-2
    pigtronix philosopher's tonedecibel eleven hot stone deluxe
    schmidt array SA450 pedal board
    Favorite Genres:
    Gigs and Ensembles:
    7 against thebes - original egyptian themed metal...

    signs of life - booty shakin' original rock 'n roll ;-)
    Previously Owned Gear:
    sadowsky metroexpress
    ibanez sr1105b
    ibanez sr675
    warmoth franken-jazz
    tobias standard 5 (natural-ash)
    tobias standard 5 (blue-ash)
    bee hornet 4 string (BEAD)
    modified alvarez dana offset (1)(BEAD)
    modified alvarez dana offset (2)(EADG)
    alvarez villain 5
    roscoe lg-3005 #5721
    bee stinger 5
    lefay herr schwarz 5
    mtd jj5 serial #1678
    mtd 535 serial #28
    yamaha attitude limited I
    curbow rockwood petite 6 #9507
    warwick thumb 4 n/t (december 1997)
    warwick thumb 4 n/t (pre-'98)
    warwick thumb 5 n/t (ovangkol)
    warwick thumb 5 bolt neck (x2 - 01 & 02)
    warwick thumb n/t 6 (x2 - both pre - '98))
    warwick streamer stage II 5 (x2 - one wenge, one ovangkol)
    warwick streamer lx 4 (wenge neck)
    spector ns-4h2-ex buckeye burl
    spector us ns-2j 4 (natural ash/maple)
    spector euro 5 lx, spalted maple top
    spector euro 5 lx
    spector ns5crfm (amber)
    spector ns4crfm (blueburst)
    zon sonus special 5 (bubinga top)
    sadowsky metro ms5 (x2 natural ash, maple/maple)
    lakland darryl jones 5 (w/j-retro)
    schecter devil tribal bass
    ibanez eda 905 fretted and fretless basses

    eden wt-800c
    ampeg pr-410hlf
    markbass ny 604 x 2
    genz benz shuttle 6.0
    thunderfunk tfb-550a
    accugroove el whappo
    eden metro
    eden navigator
    eden d410xlt
    eden d115xlt
    crown xls 402
    mesa bass 400+
    ampeg svt810e
    hartke 410XL
    markbass LMII
    markbass LMIII
    peavey max preamp
    aphex 104 aural exciter
    peavey 8.5C power amp

    rodenberg 707b
    wounded paw v4
    darkglass b7k
    darkglass b7k ultra
    darkglass duality fuzz
    earthquaker devices sea machine
    ebs Sheehan drive
    source audio aftershock
    source audio gemini
    mxr m87 bass compressor
    boss dd-3
    boss ch-1
    tc electronics polytune mini
    G.A.S. List:
    more stuff!
    Influences and Teachers:
    peter steele, nikki sixx, geddy lee, les claypool, vic wooten, robert trujillo, billy sheehan, billy gould (gotta dig them billies), ryan martinie
    Hobbies and Interests:
    guns and coffee


    david black

    24 empty missile tubes, a mushroom cloud and it's Miller Time.

    Sursum Ab Ordine

    Seven Against Thebes
    Listen to 7AT on myspace!
    Signs of Life
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