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from Denmark

New release with my drone/ambient/noise project in own name up for free download: Jul 18, 2016

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      Everything's fake if it's real, no one taught me how to feel.
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      If it wasn't for disappointment, I wouldn't have any appointments.
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      Guess who's back? Ninja's back, guess who's back, guess who's back, guess who's back.....
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  • About

    Home Page:
    Current Setup:
    (Note that only my bass related gear is listed here)

    -Ibanez Mikro Bass GSRM20 (black with various visual mods)

    -At the moment I use a Behringer Tube Ultragain Mic 100 preamp into my soundcard, the mic channel of some old living room organ or my active 500 W PA speaker Behringer Eurolive B212 with disabled horn, all with my EHX Black Finger compressor in front of the chain and Behringer Tube Unltragain Mic 100 at the end of the chain, right after the Zoom B3 with the BassPre preamp simulator activated in the last effect.


    Ibanez Mikro Bass > EHX Black Finger > Trace Elliot GP75SM 130W 15"

    Effect pedals:
    -EHX Blackfinger (always on)
    -EHX Tube Zipper (used as fuzz)
    -Boss LS-2 (Loop B used as clean-mix (a+b>bypass))
    -Boss MT-2
    -Boss FV-50H
    -Zoom B3

    Order of effect pedals:
    Bass>> EHX Black Finger (always on) > (Boss MT-2 > EHX Tube Zipper (used as fuzz)) > Loop A of Boss LS-2 (A dirt + B clean set to about 12 o'clock) > Boss FV-50H> Zoom B3 >> Trace Elliot GP75SM 130W 15"

    -Aria Pro II Laser Electric Classic (at the moment converted to a slide baritione guitar tuned C-C-G-C (one octave above).)
    Favorite Genres:
    Take a look under influences.
    Gigs and Ensembles:
    Present: "Jacob Læby" (Drone/Ambient/Noise) - "Electro Jar" (electronic/downtempo/psychedelic) - "Flystyrt" (experimental, primarily with electronic elements and recited own poems in Danish) - "...and for such a long time" (lo-fi/psychedelic/experimental/folk) - And in the past: "Janosch" (lo-fi/indie pop) - "Menfolk" (hardcore/math/noise rock)
    Previously Owned Gear:
    (Note that only my bass related gear is listed here)

    -Jerry Jones Longhorn
    -Ampeg Dan Armstrong Plexi
    -Rickenbacker 4003
    -Warmoth 28 5/8" (bass build from baritone parts)

    -Dynacord Bass-King
    -Ampeg B15
    -Hartke Kickback 15

    Effect pedals:
    -Behringer VM-1
    -EHX LPB-2ube
    -EHX Deluxe Memory Man
    -EHX Cathedral
    -EHX The Wiggler
    -EHX Small Stone Nano
    -EHX Big Muff π (Black Russian)
    -Z.vex Woolly Mammoth
    -Ibanez FZ7
    -Marshall Blues Breaker
    -MXR M 108 10 Band EQ
    -Boss GEB-7
    -Boss ME-20B
    -Line6 M5
    -Line6 Pod 2.0
    -Some old crappy Zoom guitar multi effect as well as a ditto bass one
    G.A.S. List:
    (In approximate order of priority)

    1. New pickups for my Mikro
    1. -A harsh, nasty, broken sounding Fuzz like the Fender Blender
    1. -Some kind of bitcrusher
    2. -An octaver
    2. -A combined reverb/delay pedal
    3. -A defreted Mikro
    4. -A Bass VI of some sort, preferably a modded Mikro
    Influences and Teachers:
    For my rock stuff: Dinosaur Jr., Velvet Underground, Sunn O))), Mr. Bungle. Peter Brötzmann, Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band, Frank Zappa and The Mothers of Invention, Syd Barrett, Low, Tool, Tortoise, Earth, Ween

    For my folk stuff: Espers, Feathers, Leonard Cohen (his early stuff), Nick Drake, Will Oldham, Sibylle Baier, Syd Barrett, Low, Eric's Trip

    For my electronic stuff: The Knife, Fever Ray, The Third Eye Foundation. Portishead (Third), Coil, Sunn O))), Earth (the early stuff), Low

    It all intertwine somewhat though.

    (I am perfectly aware that neither Sun O))) and Earth or Low are electronic bands. Non the less Sunn O))) and the early Earth are one of my main influences for the experimental ambient and noise stuff I do, and generally a lot of my own tracks are inspired by the mood Low creates with their songs.)
    Hobbies and Interests:
    Music, art and role playing in WoW

    Old projects I was a part of:

    Janosch - Inhere Outhere (EP)

    Janosch - Holesong (Featuring on the compilation Danelectro)

    Menfolk - Double Date (Split single with The Unit)

    Menfolk - Are we enemies (Split EP with Barra Head)

    (Menfolk - Colossus (Album, where I helped compose a few tracks but didn't record anything))

    You won't find much of this on YouTube but if you do a search for Janosch on, Menfolk on Bandcamp, or use Spotify or similar you'll find it.

    In Janosch I did bass, lead guitar, backing vocals as well as some additional lyrics.

    In Menfolk I played one of the two basses as well as contributed with some lyrics.

    And my latest projects- the first is a duo that beside me consist of Jackie Rasmusen the last three mentioned are solo projects consisting of home recordings:

    Electro Jar

    Jacob Læby


    ...and for such a long time

    Which can be found, listened to and downloaded for free on Bandcamp. Further more some releases can be found on Spotify and similar online music services.

    (For various stuff composed and recorded by me check out my SoundCloud page: Jacob Læby's profile - Listen to music)


    Jacob Læby

    Current musical projects: Electro Jar (Bandcamp) - Flystyrt (Bandcamp) - ...and for such a long time (Bandcamp)

    Previous musical projects: Janosch ( - Menfolk (Bandcamp)
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