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    Rosenberg TX
    Current Setup:
    Genzler Magellan 800, 12PL Schroeder cab. Schroeder 410 CReam , Schroeder 410 Gray
    Previously Owned Gear:
    Epiphone Bass amp (CL), Hartke mini 25(Sweetwater), Bugera Veyron (sweetwater), GK MB800 (TB), Aguilar TH500 (TB), Mark Bass LMT800(TB), GK MB800 (TB), GK 1001RB(CL), Fender Rumble 100 (CL), Kemper with Crest (MF), Genzler m800 (BSO), Tech21 VT1000 (Ebay).


    Gibson SG (Claire), Samick 5 string(Bought), Yamaha RBx750a (Dad Gift), Washburn 6 string (Alfreds Friend),(Mystery Bass) , Washburn Bantam 4 string (Bought),

    Total 5

    Start 03/2016

    Tobias Toby 4 (Bought) ,Warwick Streamer Standard (TB), Ibanez Walnut ATK (Ebay) ,97 Warwick Corvette std(TB), Squire Jazz bass (CL), MTD z4 (TB), Carl Thompson semi frill lane poor, Carl Thompson semi frill Kent Armstrong (TB), Washburn Acoustic (Ebay), 91 Warwick thumb (TB),98 Warwick Corvette 5 string (TB), EBMM Sterling Natural (CL), 08 Fender am standard P Bass black (CL), 2006 Fender Deluxe Jazz bass (CL), Spector Ns2 White Trade stolen story(CL) ,

    Total 15

    G&L jb2, G&L JB4, G&L m2000,G&L mj4, 2003 Warwick Katana (CL), Tobias Growler 4 natural (CL), 2004 Geddy Lee MIJ, 2006 Geddy lee CIJ, Fender 75 avri Natural (TB), 2016 Carrigan SC bass wenge(Bought), Ibanez ATK Japan(Trade R), Fender Marcus Miller MIJ(R), Warwick Streamer PJ NT, FBB Custom B Bass(Ebay), Mozina 6 string bass (Ebay), SX Jazz Bass(bought), Lakland 44-02(Bought), Custom Warmoth 5 string bubinga heavy(CL), Cort Fretless (CL), Ken smith 5 string bsr Tiger maple (CL),

    Carvin LB 100 natural NT,Sire V7 Marcus miller, EBMM Stingray 5 string(TB), Roger Padauk 5 string(TB), Roger 4 string walnut(Bought), Hofner violin bass(Bought), Ken Smith BSR 5 string walnut MS(CL) , Sadowsky mv4 Natural(TB), Fender Am Standard Jazz Black(TB), EBMM stingray Stealth(R),Roger Custom SC Jazz ,Roger 4 string Burl Bass, Roger black 5 string (Rbass), ebmm stingray slo burst(CL Trade) , Fender American Pro Jazz white(Low End), Epiphone T Bird(CL), Muckelroy PJ(Trade TB), Fender Magnificent 7 PJ(TB),Stingray Stealth SLO Special(bought Bass Place), EBMM Stingray HH White(TB),

    98 Fender American Jazz natural, 1981 Ibanez Blazer bl700,1951 Re issue Fender Precision CIJ, MTD Kingston Artist, Yamaha Fretless BB ,Warwick Double Buck, Warwick Standard Red Satin (Face Book), Ken Smith BSRB 4 string (CL) ,Fender American Special Honeyburst Precision(CL), Fender American Standard P Bass with Jazz neck (White)(R), EBMM Black Stingray (CL 2018 purchase), 08 Fender American Standard Jazz Black(R),

    EBMM Stingray Stealth 4HH (Ebay) Fender Roadworn Jazz(CL), Warwick Double $$ Neck Thru NT (TB) ,2016 Fender American Standard Jazz Sunburst W/ Ulyate PUPS(Build), 2015 US Fender Geddy Lee Black (CL), Warwick lx5 Dark Tobacco 5 strings (R) , Hammersmith CJ-RP white tuxedo(GC) , Spector Timbre(TB), Maruszczyk Jazzus Black Burst 4 string (R) Maruszczyk Jazzus Silver Surfer , Maruszczyk Jazzus White Knight (Adrian),Warwick Katana (Black Hardware) (TB),Warwick Stage 2 Streamer(R), Warwick Limited Madrone(Low end), Status Empathy(TB), Status Jazz Bass(TB), Custom Fender Hoppus(Build), Fender Custom Shop Artisan 2016 P Bass(Low End), Nash jb-63 Black(R), Sire P7(R), Yamaha BB1024(R), Fender American Standard White Jazz 2016(CL Alabama), Lakland 44-60 jo White(CL),2014 Fender American Deluxe Precision Bass(TB), Warwick Taranis(TB), Fender Flea Bass (TB), 2016 American Pbass jazz neck(Build), Nash JB-63 Sunburst (R), 1976 Fender P Bass (TB) , Sadowsky will lee black(TB), Yamaha BB800 (R) ,Fender Custom Shop Jazz Burst (E),

    Jazzman Bass 60's Jazz (Ebay),USA Geddy Lee (TB),G&L JB2 Butterscotch(TB) Atelier Z JHJ(FB), Warwick 5 string Streamer STD (Ebay), Jazzman PBASS White(Ebay) Warwick 2004 Limited Corvette (R Returned) , MTD USA 434-24,Fodera Monarch Cedar (TB),Sadowsky NYC (Reverb) , Bluesman Vintage P Bass (TB) , Fender White P, Fender Pino MIM (TB),Carvin P5 (Reverb), Sandberg 5 PJ(CL), Ken Smith White Tiger (CL), Suhr Jazz Bass (CL),Pavel PJ (Ebay), Fender Black PJ (TB), Valenti Jazz , Valenti Jazz 2 burst

    Moollon Relic Jazz (TB) Moolon White Jazz (TB) Yamaha Attitude 3 , Kinal P Bass Tiger (TB), Yamaha BB734a (Reverb) , Fender Jazz Olympic White (TB) Nashville Jazz Bass (Reverb) Godin a4(Reverb) Fender silver P Bass(Reverb), F Bass Black (TB) , C Forshee Jazz MM (TB), TW Custom P Bass (Reverb) Mahogany P Bass (Reverb), Warwick Alien (Reverb),

    Fender Jazz (Anka Build), schecter Corsair (GC), Guild Starfire 1 (geartree)
    Harley Benton MP (Thomann) Harley Benton P Black (Thomann), Sire P7 5string, Yamaha BB300 (CL) Thoman Jazz, Dean Acoustic Black (TB)

    Lakland Geezer Butler Black (Reverb) RBass Jazz SC (Reverb)

    150 as of 01/2023
    G.A.S. List:
    Influences and Teachers:
    Jazz to Rock
    Hobbies and Interests:
    Practical Shooting, Pistolsmithing


    #256 ATK Club
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