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Dec 3, 2003
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Columbia River Gorge, WA.
Retired Electronics Tech


I Know Nothing, from Columbia River Gorge, WA.

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    Home Page:
    Columbia River Gorge, WA.
    Retired Electronics Tech
    Current Setup:
    AudioKinesis Thunderchild 112AF cab

    Passinwind PW8B amp (http://passinwind.com/Passinwind8B.html)

    Preamps, etc.:

    PW4B (solid state, Fender tone stack)
    PW6B (tube, 6SL7, 2-6SN7, custom tone stack)
    PW7B (solid state, custom tone stack)
    Boss GX700 Modeler/Multi-EFX
    Hafler T2 (tube, modded)
    Orban 642B parametric EQ
    Symetrix 525 Compressor
    Rane RPM26z DSP speaker management system/EFX mixer/controller

    SpeakerPower SP1-1000, Hafler P-3000 power amps

    DIY Cabs:
    (2) PW115 w/BMS 15N630s
    (1) 6/1 top w/horn-loaded 18Sound 6ND410, BMS 4540ND
    (2) 6/1 tops w/B&C 6MD38, BMS 4552ND
    (1) 2 X 4" top w/Faital 4FE30s

    BSX Model 2000 electric upright
    '03 Crescent Moon fretless w/ Q-Tuners
    '77 Travis Bean fretless
    Favorite Genres:
    Space Is The Place.
    Gigs and Ensembles:
    Retired or maybe just on vacation; occasional sub gigs doing big band jazz (White Salmon Jazz Band), various forms of soft rock and/or country.
    Previously Owned Gear:
    Amps: Ampeg B-15, Kustom 200, Peavey Musician, Gibson Titan, G-K 400B, G-K 400RB, Hartke HA3500, EBS HD350, EA iAmp 350, EA iAmp 800, Acoustic Image Focus 1 Series II, Carvin BX500.

    Preamps: Ashly BP-41, Alembic F2B, PW7B V2 (1/2 rack format, solid state, custom tone stack, PEQ, HPF)

    Power Amps: QSC PLX 1202, PLX 1602, PLX 2402, PLX2 1802, PLX2 1804; Crown D150A, PS200, DC300AII, CE1000; Ross (AB Systems) Mega Amp 400; Peavey CS-800, 260S

    Cabs: Peavey 1810, EV TL606 (many variants), Cerwin-Vega 18, many JBL, Gauss, EV, Altec DIY builds, EA CxL-112L, Schroeder 1210L, Schroeder 21012L, Accugroove Tri-112L, Epifani UL112, fEARful 12/6

    Basses: Gibson EB-0, Guild Starfire, '72 Fender Jazz, Czech ply upright
    G.A.S. List:
    Influences and Teachers:
    Charles Mingus, Paul Chambers, Ray Brown, Dave Holland, Eberhard Weber, Glen Moore, Alphonso Johnson, Jack Casady, Phil Lesh, Jack Bruce, Damian Erskine, Michael Manring, Sid Vicious.
    Hobbies and Interests:
    Outdoors, indoors.
    Just a lonely guy from outta town, lookin' for a little action.


    .................................................Charlie Escher
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