Pat Harris
Nov 17, 2006
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Austin, TX

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    Home Page:
    Austin, TX
    Current Setup:
    2002 Chinese Maple Bass
    French Bow crafted by Steve Riley
    Thomastik Spirocore Mittel strings
    Fishman Full-Circle pickup
    DPA 4099b microphone

    NS CR4M Electric Upright Bass
    Thomastik Spirocore Weich strings
    Finale Carbon Fiber Bow

    Muckelroy custom HMC 5-string bass guitar (passive)
    Ernie Ball Cobalt Flats or GHS Pressurewounds

    Muckelroy custom Solo 5-string fretless bass guitar (active)
    Muckelroy preamp
    LaBella Low Tension Flats

    G. Gould GGi5
    G. Gould roundwound strings

    Aguilar AG 700

    MAS 18
    MAS Bodai 112

    FDeck HPF
    Broughton always on HPF
    Empress Compressor
    Union Tube & Transistor LAB Compressor
    Xotic BB preamp

    Messina bass bag
    Studio Slips cabinet covers
    Reunion Blues gig bags
    Favorite Genres:
    Anything that tastefully uses rhythm, harmony and melody
    Previously Owned Gear:
    Chadwick Folding Bass
    Ernie Ball Music Man 5-string bass guitar

    Thomastik Spirocore Solo strings
    D'addario Helicore Pizz strings
    D'addario Helicore Hybrid strings

    Curt Mangan nickel strings
    D'addario Chromes
    GHS Brite Flats
    GHS Boomers
    Ken Smith Slick Rounds

    Acoustic Image Contra
    Acoustic Image Ten2
    Bergantino AE 2x10
    Phil Jones Bass Cub
    Genz Benz 1x10 combo
    SWR Goliath III
    SWR Son of Bertha
    SWR Redface 350

    Fishman Pro Platinum EQ
    RedEye DI

    TC Electronics Hall of Fame Reverb
    EHX Q-tron
    Analogman Bi-Comprosser
    Influences and Teachers:
    Dave Holland
    Phil Lesh
    Edgar Meyer
    Francois Rabbath
    Frank Proto
    Edward Fedewa
    John Fremgen
    Hobbies and Interests:
    Philosophy, great coffee
    Available for Instruction?:
    • Bass Guitar Instruction
    • Double Bass Instruction
    Teaching Credentials:
    BM Classical Bass Performance (Central Michigan University 2007), MM Jazz Studies (University of Texas at Austin 2009)


    Pat Harris
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