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Jun 27, 2017 at 4:02 AM
Jan 8, 2006
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Feb 4, 1979 (Age: 38)
Holly, Michigan


Male, 38, from Holly, Michigan

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Jun 27, 2017 at 4:02 AM
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    Feb 4, 1979 (Age: 38)
    Holly, Michigan
    Current Setup:
    2013 Fender American Standard P Bass
    Fender Special Edition Opal Jazz Bass
    '89 Squier II Precision Bass (mod)
    Fender Standard Precision Bass
    Michael Kelly Dragonfly 5 Fretless (ABG)
    (Unknown) Plywood Upright Bass
    Cecilio CDB-W 3/4 Upright Bass
    SWR SM-900 (pre-Fender)
    SWR Goliath Jr. III 2x10 (pre-Fender)
    SWR Workingman Tower 8x10
    Behringer Ultrabass BX4500H
    TC Electronic BG250 1x15

    Pedal Board:
    Boss TU-3
    Morley PBA-2
    Boss BF-3
    Boss CH-1
    Boss DD-6
    DOD FX100 Integrated Tube Even Harmonic Overdrive

    EHX Big Muff Pi (USA)
    Boss ODB-3
    Boss DS-1
    DigiTech Metal Master
    DOD FX54 Attacker
    DOD FX75 Stereo Flanger

    Other Gear:
    Kurzweil PC1SE
    Yamaha PSR-220
    Yamaha PSR-75
    Yamaha PSS-140
    Grinnell Bros. Piano
    Kimball Aquarius Organ
    Chandler RH-2 Lap Steel
    Fender Telecaster Thinline 69 RI
    Schecter S1 Blackjack
    Samick SG copy w/Bigsby (mod)
    Danelectro U2 56 RI
    Epiphone EA-250
    Ibanez GSA60
    Squier Stratocaster
    '79 Fender F-65 Acoustic
    Cortez classical nylon string
    Franciscan Banjo
    Dobro Square Neck Resonator
    Anderwood AW-OMG Weissenborn
    Rover RM-25 Mandolin
    Ibanez EWP14-OPN
    Doreli model-79 Violin
    LP Bongos
    Previously Owned Gear:
    92' Alembic Essence 4
    Warmoth Dinky PJ Custom Fretless
    2008 Fender American Standard P Bass
    2007 EBMM SR5 LTD
    Spector Euro 4
    Fender Jazz Deluxe (MIM)
    '86 Fender Jazz Bass Special
    Fender Aerodyne Jazz Bass
    Ovation Magnum III
    Ovation CC074 (ABG)
    Oscar Schmidt OB100 (ABG)
    Schecter Ultra VI
    Ibanez SR505
    Series 10 P-Bass
    Series 10 PJ-Bass
    Peavey Mark VIII XP Head
    Peavey Basic 50 1x12
    Ampeg SVT 410HLF
    Ampeg B100R
    Ampeg B2R
    Crate BX-25

    Other Gear :
    Yamaha Motif ES 8
    Moog Little Phatty
    Roland AX -7
    Roland DJ-70
    Gibson Les Paul Studio
    Esp LTD EC-1000
    Washburn MG 34
    EHX POG2
    Boss ME-50B