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Mar 12, 2017
May 22, 2003
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Apr 18, 1963 (Age: 54)


Male, 54, from Monterey,Ca.

prockenklang was last seen:
Mar 12, 2017
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    Apr 18, 1963 (Age: 54)
    Current Setup:
    Alembic Rogue Custom 5-String Pale Moon Ebony top

    Alembic Mark King Deluxe 5-string Quilted Maple

    Curbow International Exotic Petite 5-string w/Audre Pre

    Custom District Pedal Board with Fractal Audio FX8

    Glockenklang Bass Art Head

    Kriz Kraft Rack with Glockenklang Bass Art Classic Head

    Glockenklang Bass Art Classic Preamp(used as DI)

    Kriz Kraft Rack with Alembic F1-X and Alembic SF-2

    Glockenklang Duo Deluxe 2x10 and Glockenklang Uno Deluxe 1x15 in a custom Anvil Road Case

    Glockenklang Quttro 4x10 in Anvil Road Case

    Kriz Kraft Rack for In-ear monitor system with Shure PSM900

    Ultimate Ears UE11-Pro in-ear monitors
    Gigs and Ensembles:
    Was with IRS/Muscle Recording Artist Heist.Have worked with Eddie Money,and various members of Starship,Tesla,Tower Of Power,Iron Maiden,Boston,Night Ranger,Bad Company and many many others.Currently Staff Bassist at FPC in Salinas,California.
    Previously Owned Gear:
    Past Instruments:
    Over 25 Alembics
    Over 25 U.S.A. Curbows
    (8)Human Base
    And many,many more!!!

    Past Pre-amps,Amps and Cabinets:
    (1)Glockenklang BassArt Head
    (1)Glockenklang BassArt Preamp
    (1)Glockenklang BassArt Classic Head
    (1)Glockenklang BassArt Classic Preamp
    (3)Glockenklang Heart Core Heads
    (4)Glockenklang Soul Heads
    (4)Glockenklang 4x10 Cabs
    (2)Glockenklang 2x12 cabs
    (2)Glockenklang 2x10 monitors
    (1)Glockenklang 2x10 cab
    (1)Glockenklang 1x15 cab
    (1)Glockenklang Acoustic Art Cab
    (1)Tech Bassline Pepman 400 Head
    (1)Tech Bassline 2x12 cab.
    (1)Tech Bassline 6x12 cab
    (2)Tech Sound Systems Para Heads
    (2)Tech Sound Systems 4x12 cabs
    (2)Tech Sound Systems 2x12 monitors
    (3)Meyer Sound MTS-4 Powered Cabs
    (2)Meyer Sound UPA1P Powered Cabs
    (2)Meyer Sound USW-1P Powered Cabs
    (2)Meyer Sound USM-1P Powered Cabs
    (2)Meyer Sound UMS-1P Powered Cabs
    (2)Meyer Sound UPM-1P Powered Cabs
    (1)Meyer Sound PSM-2 Powered Cab
    (3)Millennia STT-1 Pre-amps
    (2)Millennia TD-1 Pre-Amps
    (2)Alembic F2B Pre-amps
    (2)VUE Audiotechnik h12n powered cabs
    (1)VUE Audiotechnik hs25 powered cab
    (1)VUE Audiotechnik hs20 powered cab
    (1)Jule Monique Dovecage preamp in Anvil case
    (1)Jule Monique 700 Tardis