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Jul 22, 2006
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Syracuse, NY
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    Syracuse, NY
    Current Setup:
    Mesa M-Pulse 600, Ampeg 1510HE (modified), GK 800RB, Carvin 1503 (modified), BBE 383 preamp, Carvin DCM1000, LDS 2x15+6, Ampeg B-1 combo, MXR pedals.
    Previously Owned Gear:
    Amps: Kustom 150; Acoustic 220, 126; GK 800RB, 400RB, 1001RB, 700RB, Micro 150E; SWR SM400, SM900, Redhead; Eden WT500, WT550; Ashly BP-41; Carvin BX1500; Epifani UL501; Ampeg B2R, PB800, SVP Pro, BA115; MarkBass LMIII, F1, F500, TA503; Hartke 7000, 2155; Mesa M6.
    Cabs: Acoustic 406, 126; EV TL606; Hartke 410XL, 115XL, 210XL, 2200; Eden 210T, 115T, 110T; BagEnd S15X-D, S-15D, Bergantino HT322, HT112, HD212; Aguilar GS112; Epifani UL310, UL410, UL212; SWR Triad, Big Ben, Goliath, Goliath Sr., Goliath Jr., Mesa PH115, PH210, PH410.