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Feb 3, 2014
Jan 4, 2006
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from Australia

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Feb 3, 2014
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    Current Setup:
    Yamaha BBN4F III (24fret, 4str passive fretless)
    Yamaha BB350 (21fret passive, 4str workhorse)
    Warwick Rockbass Corvette (5str, active MEC J-pups)
    Ashton ABG (20fret 4str, piezo transducer & 4band EQ)
    Zoom 607 (multi-effects unit with expression pedal)

    Bill Paulin EUB (custom hand-made, I love this one)
    Enrico Chinese plywood 3/4 double bass (ugh)

    Digidesign MBox
    ProTools & GarageBand
    iBook Mac G4 14inch (upgraded 1GB RAM)
    IceCube G2 7200rpm firewire HDD (to facilitate realtime/live recording)

    Yamaha S08 (88 weighted key, studio synth workhorse)
    Ensoniq VFX-SD

    Mann M21 condenser mike
    Takstar PCM-6100 condenser mike
    JBL near-field studio speakers

    Plus a bunch of other non-bass-related gear/instruments.
    G.A.S. List:
    La Scala New Standard double bass
    Fender Precision (4str sunburst!)
    Warwick Thumb NT (5str)

    Gaelin-Krueger 750w rig
    Mutron pedal
    Zoom B2.1u
    Influences and Teachers:
    Roger McLachlan
    Pino Palladino
    Christian McBride (on both BG & DB)
    Victor Wooten
    Neil Kennedy
    Bootsy C

    John Clayton
    Matthew Garrison (on both BG & EUB)
    Ron Carter
    Ray Brown
    Robert Leslie Hurst III (from all his work with the Marsalis family)
    Chris Minh Doky

    Last but not least - John Scofield, even though he plays a geetah.

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