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    Leander, TX
    Current Setup:
    Roscoe Century Custom V #6905
    (Waterfall bubinga on swamp ash / wenge stripe / purpleheart board/ Bartolinis)

    Roscoe Classic P5 #0181C
    (Swamp ash with katalox board - custom Nordstrand NP5 vintage wind with Alnico III magnets)

    Devon Gen5 J5 Fretless
    (Pearl white transparent on Swamp ash with matching headstock, ebony board with luminlay tabs, Nordstrand Fat Stacks in custom oval ebony covers & 3b preamp)

    Devon Gen4 J5 MM/P
    (Cocobolo on Alder/Birdseye board/Nordstrand BigMan5,NP5 & 3 Band preamp)

    Nordstrand VJ5 #64
    (Olympic white on alder with Brazilian rosewood board, Big Singles, and 2b preamp)

    Nordstrand Acinonyx
    (Red with brown torn pickguard - hand selected at Nordstrand!)

    EBMM DarkRay5 Limited Edition #11 of 100
    White sparkle/matching headstock/ebony board/black pickguard.

    1986 EBMM Stingray - weird transitional model!
    (Olympic white on poplar with black pickguard and maple board - 3eq WITH STRING MUTES!)

    Nash JB-5
    (Mary Kaye Blonde nitro/Tort/Rosewood/Lollars)

    Fender American Standard P5 (Fiesta Red nitro/Rosewood/Delano reverse P with a J in the bridge)

    Bergantino B|Amp x2 (#241 & #549)
    Bergantino Reference Series 210 (X2)
    Bergantino Reference Series 112 (X2)
    Fender Rumble Studio 40
    Previously Owned Gear:
    Aguilar AG500
    Aguilar DB750 (1st of 2)
    Aguilar DB750 (2nd of 2)
    Aguilar GS112 (2)
    Aguilar GS410
    Ampeg Skunkworks SVT #162
    Ampeg SVT410E (X2)
    Ampeg PortaFlex PF50T
    Ampeg PF115HE
    Ashdown ABM 500RC EVO II
    Ashdown ABM410T
    Ashdown ABM210T
    Ashdown Electric Blue EB-180-15
    Ashdown Perfect Ten
    Bergantino HT322
    Bergantino HS410
    Bergantino NV610
    Bergantino NV212T (#115)
    Bergantino NV212T (#117)
    Bergantino HDN210
    Bergantino HDN210
    (They had consecutive serial numbers!)
    Eden Navigator Preamp
    Eden WT-550
    Eden WT-800C
    Eden WT-405
    Eden D410XLT
    Eden D212XST
    (2) Eden Nemesis 2x10"
    Genz-Benz GBE750
    Genz-Benz Shuttle 6.0-12T
    TC Electronic RH450
    TC Electronic RS212
    Warwick Pro FET 3.1
    Trace Elliot 1048
    Carvin BX1500
    Carvin BR510
    Carvin LS1503
    Rupert Neve Designs Portico II Channel Strip
    QSC RMX1450 (x2)
    Gallien-Krueger 700RB-II
    Gallien-Krueger 410SBX+
    Gallien-Krueger MB115
    Gallien-Krueger Backline 112
    Avatar B210 Delta
    Avatar B410 Neo
    Avatar B410 Non-Neo X2
    Acoustic B20
    Acoustic B30
    Phil Jones Session 77
    Ampeg Micro VR with matching 2X10”

    Sadowsky NYC #461
    (The SWR Bass! Swamp ash with Morado board, I think? Yes. That bass.)

    F-Bass BN5
    (Transparent satin charcoal burst/ebony FB)

    Devon J5 Modern 24
    (Transparent pearl white, maple board, Delano Xtenders, Nordstrand 3 Band Pre)

    G&L Fullerton L2500 (Spanish Copper Metallic with matching headstock/Rosewood FB)

    Simonetti RS-1
    (Swamp ash body neck thru/EMG pickups)

    Big B Fretless 5 #B005
    (Walnut on maple/maple&walnut neck/dymondwood board/Nord Big Splits & 3 band pre)

    Big B Guitars 5 String Fretted
    (Walnut body&top/flame maple neck/wenge FB/Delanos with Nordstrand 3-Band pre)

    Valenti #102
    (Transparent white on ash/birdseye maple board/Nordstrand Fat Stacks & Aguilar OBP-1)

    Roscoe Century Signature V #5968
    (3TB Flame maple on Spanish cedar body/Birdseye maple board, Bartolinis. Originally the Aguilar Artist Loft bass.)

    Roscoe SKB Custom 6 #5745
    (Bubinga on swamp ash. Wenge board. Dymondwood nut. Nordstrand DC’s with OBP-3)

    Roscoe LG-3005 Fretless #4614
    (Quilted maple on swamp ash. Unlined Dymondwood board and Bartolinis)

    Roscoe LG-3005 Fretless #5778 (Buckeye Burl on Swamp Ash/Diamondwood Fingerboard)

    Roscoe LG-3005 #6113 (Exhibition-grade Bubinga top and back on Swamp Ash body/spalted Purpleheart fingerboard)

    Roscoe Century Standard 5 #B004 (Onyx finish on solid Swamp Ash body/Maple fingerboard)

    Roscoe Century Custom 5 #6613
    (Walnut on mahogany body/birdseye maple board/Bartolinis)

    Roscoe Classic PJ5 #0019C
    (Seafoam on poplar body/Pao Ferro FB/Aguilar pickups & OBP-1)

    Roscoe SKB Custom V #6694
    (Walnut on alder/ebony FB/Bartolinis/oil finish)

    Muckelroy HMC5 Fretless #250
    (Walnut wings/maple neck/Dymondwood FB/Delano Xtender/Aguilar OBP-2

    TV Jones 5 String Precision #MP21 - hand carved by TVJ HIMSELF!!!
    (Shell pink nitro / Alder body / rosewood fb / matching headstock /custom TVJ pickup/35" scale)

    1976 Fender Precision Bass
    (Ash & Maple)

    Fender American Standard P5 (Olympic white, Alder body, Tort PG/Rosewood fingerboard)

    Fender American Deluxe P5
    (Cherry burst / Ash body / Pau Ferro fb)

    Fender American Standard Precision V (2015 Black & Maple)

    Fender American Deluxe Dimension V (natural / maple fingerboard)

    Fender Deluxe Active Precision (Blizzard Pearl/Maple)

    Fender Franken-P ('80's bullet body/'82 AmStd neck/DiMarzio pickup/CTS pots)

    Fender '62 Reissue Precision (Sunburst/Tort/RW w/Fralin pickup)

    Danelectro Longhorn Bass (Early Pro model in Black Burst)

    Reverend Rumblefish R5L #88 (Aged white/Rosewood FB)

    Ibanez SRH505F (Burst/F-hole/Piezo)

    Elrick NJS5 #E0809 (Tasmanian Rose Myrtle Burl on Swamp Ash/Birdseye Maple fingerboard)

    Elrick Expat NJS5 Fretless
    (Natural swamp ash / ebony (I think) / Bartolinis)

    EBMM Stingray 5H Fretless (white/pearloid pg/rosewood)

    SX PJ (Vintage white/Black PG/RW Fingerboard)

    Warwick Fretless Corvette (X2) (Bubinga/Ebony FB)

    Warwick FNA (Nirvana Black Swamp ash/Wenge Neck)

    Warwick Thumb Bolt-on 5 (X2)

    Lakland 55-02 Custom (pearl white with blocks & binding)

    Lakland Joe Osborn 5 (Natural Swamp ash/Red Tort PG/Birdseye Maple neck)

    Lakland 44-64LE - (Teal Green Metallic/Ash Body/Rosewood fingerboard)

    Lakland 55-02D (Translucent Amber/Maple FB)

    Lakland 55-02D Fretless (Natural/Ebony FB)

    Lakland 55-01 (Natural/Maple FB)

    Lakland 55-60LE (Inca Silver/Rosewood)

    Lakland 55-AJ (Transparent Red/Rosewood)

    Modulus Q5 #080026 (5A Quilt Maple/Alder body)

    Kala U-Bass (Koa)

    Pedulla Rapture 5
    (Flame maple body / red tort / rosewood / Bartolinis)

    Fender Geddy Lee Jazz Bass (Black/Maple - duh)

    Fender Foto-Flame Precision (Natural/Rosewood FB)

    Carvin B25S (ALL murdered out)

    Carvin BB75P Fretless (Vintage Yellow/Ebony FB)

    Carvin B25 Fretless (Matte White/Ebony FB)

    Carvin B25 Fretless (Same as above, cause they didn’t get the first one right)

    Godin SD-4 (Black/Cream PG/RW Fingerboard - Active)

    Squier Affinity Series P-Bass (Black/Rosewood FB)

    Steinberger Spirit XT25 (white w/ invisible headstock)
    G.A.S. List:
    More Roscoe basses!
    Fender Roscoe Beck Signature V in Teal or Shoreline Gold
    More Bergantino Cabs!
    An Ocelot who plays the Mountain Dulcimer!
    Influences and Teachers:
    Tom 'T-Bone' Wolk
    Bob Babbitt
    Roscoe Beck
    Bruce Thomas
    John Deacon
    Kyle Brock
    Pino Palladino
    Tony Scalzo
    Brad Houser
    Chris Maresh
    Hobbies and Interests:
    Chickens, weird cars, Pretzel dogs


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