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Nov 14, 2006
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Sep 3, 1958 (Age: 64)
Home Page:
Belleville,New Jersey USA


Male, 64, from Belleville,New Jersey USA

Dec coming up on 55 years of banging on these 4 strings :) Nov 1, 2022

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Jun 9, 2023 at 11:59 AM
    1. rtslinger
      Dec coming up on 55 years of banging on these 4 strings :)
    2. rtslinger
      Happy to report back to live shows and having a blast!
    3. rtslinger
      Recovering from an eye operation :( haven't gig live since 2019 :(
    4. rtslinger
      Christmas I will be playing bass 53 years :)
    5. rtslinger
    6. rtslinger
      Hercules was nothing till got the Gibson Ripper
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    Sep 3, 1958 (Age: 64)
    Home Page:
    Belleville,New Jersey USA
    Current Setup:
    Bass guitars
    1.Gibson The Ripper L9-S
    2.MIM Fender P
    3.SX P
    4.Dean Hollywood Z
    5.Epiphone El Segundo Acoustic
    6.Ibanez SR300DX
    7.SX Jazz
    8.Epiphone Embassy IV
    9.Charvel/ Jackson P2b
    10.Silvertone P
    11.Epiphone EB-0
    12.Silent bass
    13. SX Jaguar "Ursa 4 RN PBU"
    14. Epiphone Les Paul Limited Edition
    15. Dean Custom Zone
    16.HB Progressive Series B-450
    17. Glarry P
    18. Tune TWX41-PSV
    19. HLK Wolf bass
    20. Glarry GIB
    21. HB RB-414CS
    22. HLK Spider bass
    23. Glarryii jazz bass
    24. Sterling Ray4
    25. Glarry Burning Fire HH bass
    26.Harley Benton MV-4JB Gotoh BK Deluxe Jazz bass
    Ampeg SVT 8/10*2 retired
    Randall RB60
    Stage Amp TC Electronics THRUST BQ500
    Stage amp Behringer Ultrabass BXD3000H
    Trace Elliot Elf
    Peavey Max 115 300w
    2*10 Carvin Cabinet
    1*12 Homemade cabinet 12" Eminence Legend 250w 8 Ω
    Stage amp Peavey Max 112 200W,Fender Rumble 100 1*15 100w
    Stage gear
    Sans Amp Bass drive v2
    back-up Behringer BDI 21
    Boss CS-3 compression pedal
    JOYO Dyna Compressor
    Boss NS-2 Noise Suppressor
    1 JBL powered monitor
    Swiff Blackwing ws-50 wireless system/Lekto ws-70 wireless
    Rolls PM50se headphone amp
    KZ ZS 10 Pro IEM
    Favorite Genres:
    I play in a Classic Rock band but, I am into hard rock and heavy metal
    Gigs and Ensembles:
    Previously Owned Gear:
    Alembic Series 11.. stolen
    Fender bassman blackface traded
    1970 Univox Ub250 traded (claimed to be 50w more like 20w :(
    BC Rich Jersey Beast.. stolen
    Fender mustang lent to someone and never return move away and took it with him
    Dan E long horn copy sold :(
    1960's Norma Fender P copy short scale first bass traded but not by me :(
    Kay SG bass copy traded
    70's Guild semi hollow body (didn't fit my imagine what a dumb [email protected]@)
    Sans Amp prog.3 channel DI (sold)
    Influences and Teachers:
    influences Geezer Butler, Steve Harris, Gene Simmons

    Bass instructor: Ralph Barbone (1971 to 1977) 9 years :)
    1.5 years private lesson after Ralph moved away Jerry no last name
    Hobbies and Interests:
    Martial arts, Natural Bodybuilding,
    Started playing Upright bass at 9 years old in school

    moved to electric bass at age 11

    took private lesson for 9 years with the same instructor and 1.5 year with another one.


    #69 NJ Bassist Club#49 Gibson/Ripper club,#45 Dean Club,#161 Blues bassist Club,#99, SX Club, Bassists who are lefties play righty club,Fender Rumble Club, Peavey Amp Club, Short Scale Bass Club 522