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Jan 22, 2003
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from Chicago, IL

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May 22, 2019
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    Chicago, IL
    Current Setup:
    Sadowsky NYC Vintage 4, Sadowsky NYC P/J-4 (P-body), Sadowsky NYC Modern 24-5, Valenti Vintage Jazz 5, Barker Bass Fretless 4, Fender CS Jaco "Relic" fretless Jazz, Fender '82 Fullerton '57 P Reissue, Fender '66 Precision, Fender Custom Shop Cunetto Jazz Relic, Fender Custom Shop '57 Precision Relic, Fender Custom Shop 50's-style PJ, Rob Allen "Mouse" fretless, Steinberger XL-2, Jerry Jones Nepture Shorthorn 4, Valenti JJ-5 (on order) Eden WT-400, QSC PLX 2402, AI Claris 2, Schroeder 1210 (x2), GK MB-150, GK MB-200, Najarian E-1000 electric oud, Jimmy Moon mandolin, Ovation Electric mandocello, Petersen bouzouki, Buchanan octave mandolin, 2001 Gibson "Master Model" mandolin, 1913 Gibson F-4 mandolin, 1925 Gibson F-4 mandolin, 1918 Gibson A-3 mandolin, 1924 Gibson H-1 mandola, 1918 Gibson K-1 mandocello, Fender MIK telecaster guitar, Fender MIM stratocaster deluxe guitar, 1968 Guild D-50, 1924 Bacon & Day "Blue Ribbon" tenor banjo
    Gigs and Ensembles:
    Radio Mango
    Previously Owned Gear:
    Dingwall Afterburner II 5-string, Fender CS "Closet Classic" '64 Jazz, Roscoe LG-3005 fretless, NS Design CR4 EUB, Ernie Ball Musicman Bongo 4, Carruthers headless 8-string, Lakland Skyline 55-02, Rob Allen MB-2 fretted 5-string, Carvin LB76, Lakland Skyline Joe Osborne 5, Fender Marcus Miller 4, Fender Highway 1 Precision Bass,
    G.A.S. List:
    More Sadowskys!


    South of Disorder

    Gear For Sale

    2x Schroeder 1210R Cabinets, Eden WT-400 Head, Furman Power Conditioner, Sabine Rack Tuner, QSC PLX-2402 Power Amp
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