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Dec 10, 2006
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Rochester, MN
physician, sports medicine/ortho

Russell Bergum

Male, from Rochester, MN

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Aug 5, 2022
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    Rochester, MN
    physician, sports medicine/ortho
    Current Setup:
    Bass: 2011 Seth Kimmel 3rd Avenue model #14, with C-extension.
    2010 Upton Bass Bostonian Concert bass
    EUB: 2009 Azola Carved UltraCoustic Bugbass, light violin satin tea finish, figured maple neck, back and sides, Macassar ebony fingerboard, modern scroll.
    Bow: Prochownik purpleheart French Sartory model (2010) 128g, Prochownik pernambuco French Sartory model (2007) 135g, Claude Marchand pernambucco French model 142g.
    Pickup: Ehrlund EAP, Upton Revolution Solo II
    Strings: Genssler Sonores Rabbath set (Kimmel bass), TI Spiracore Weich (Upton bass). TI Belcanto (Azola EUB)
    Rosin: Gaston Brohan's Oak (soft), Gaston Brohan's Oak (medium)
    Bag: Messina (Kimmel), Upton Deluxe (Upton)

    Bass Guitar:
    2012 Fender Precision Deluxe (3TB - black/alder/rosewood)
    2007 Lakland Skyline Joe Osborn 4 (burst-tort/ash/rosewood)
    1996 Pedulla Rapture RB-4 #RB6282 (Butterscotch/Natural-tort/maple/rosewood)
    1992 Carvin LB70 fretless (koa/ebony) w/Aggie AG4J-60 pups & Aggie OP-2
    1980 ('78 SN, '79 pot codes, '80 heel stamp and pup code) Fender Precision (black-black, alder/maple) w/ Norstrand NP4
    1978 Fender Jazz (Siena Bust - White, alder/maple)

    Amp: Quilter Bass Bock BB800, Markbass LMII, Acoustic Image Coda R Series III

    Speakers: Avatar TB153
    Lab Series 1x15 w/ EVM Pro-Line 15B 400W speaker

    Furman PL-Pro Series II
    MusicValve direct box
    Sadowsky outboard preamp
    Korg DT-1000 tuner, Korg CA40 tuner
    Boss DR-3 Drum Machine
    Engles bass stand, Hercules bass guitar and upright stands.
    Gigs and Ensembles:
    Current: Austin Symphony Orchestra, rock, alt rock, folk rock, swing band, contemporary church group. Currently playing in symphony and occasional bar gigs with the old band. Previously in "Rich Mattson & The North Stars", "Not The Joneses", "The Glenrustles", "Big as Life".
    Previously Owned Gear:
    Juzek fully carved (1950-60's ???) upright
    1976 Rickenbacker 4001
    2004 Pedulla ET5 Thunderbass #8782, light gold quilt maple top/maple/ebony)
    2000 Pedulla Rapture PJ5
    1996 Pedulla Rapture RB-4 (Candy Teal-pearloid/maple/rosewood) - wish I still had it!
    1995 Pedulla Rapture RB5 (purple/pearloid/maple/rosewood) RB-5112
    1993 Pedulla Thunderbolt 4 (cherry red maple/rosewood)
    1992 Pedulla Thunderbass T5 (AAA flame - vintage cherry burst/maple/ebony)
    2005 Valenti J5 #008 (lake placid blue - pearloid/ash/maple) w/Nordstrand NJ5's and Aggie OBP-3
    2010 Sadowsky Metro Will Lee 4 #M4530, (candy apple red/white, alder/morado)
    2004 Sadowsky NYC 4 #4240 (teal green metallic-parchment/alder/Brazilian rosewood) with Ultra Vintage body & single coils
    2002 Sadowsky NYC #3802 reverse PJ5(carmel burst-mint/swamp ash/maple) quilted maple top
    1998 Sadowsky NYC Standard J4 #2913 (AAAAA quilted maple natural top/ash/maple),
    1991 Sadowsky NYC #1109 Standard J4 (Olympic White/alder/morado)
    2006 Fender AVRI '57 Precision (2TB-gold anodized, alder/maple)
    2005 Fender AVRI '75 Jazz 4 (natural-black pg/ash/maple with black blocks & binding)
    2001 Lakland USA Hollowbody Deluxe #HB31 (mahogany back and sides, carved flame maple top, 3TB, rosewood)

    EUB: BSX Allegro A4 - burgundy burst

    Ampeg SVT-6 PRO
    Carvin PB300
    vintage Fender Bassman 100 w/4x12 cab
    Speaker: Hartke Transporter 410, Eden D210XLT, Avatar SB112 LF (neo)
    Bow: Lipkins pernambuco French Vigneron model (2004), Prochownik pernambuco French Sartory model (1995), Codabow Revelation French bow, Tom Owen pernambuco French bow (2007), Emile Dupree pernambuco French bow
    Rosin: Kolophonium, Kolstein Ultra (soft)
    Strings: TI Belacanto, Kaplan medium, Corelli 370F, Pirastraso Obligatto
    Pickup: David Gage Realist, Fishman BP100, K& K Bass Max,
    EMG p-bass pup, SD SPB-3
    Influences and Teachers:
    Influences: McCartney, Sting, Graham Maby, Timothy B Schmidt, Tony Levin, Scott Lafaro, Charlie Mingus, Mozart, Dvorak, Handel, Bach, Beethoven.

    Teacher: Vince Osborn
    Hobbies and Interests:
    fins, furs, feathers, sports


    Upton Bass Club #25
    Club Pedulla #32
    Club Sadowsky #44
    LOG Member #198

    "It's such a fine line between stupid, and clever. "
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