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Dec 17, 2009
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Research in ICT


Male, from Finland

I am reducing my presence on TB for the summer at least. May 13, 2019

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Sep 16, 2020
    1. rust_preacher
      I am reducing my presence on TB for the summer at least.
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    2. rust_preacher
      And how can I get a list of personal messages? Now ineed to remember the exact handle of a person I am talking with. Grr.
    3. rust_preacher
      And, where's "My TalkBass" ????
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    Research in ICT
    Current Setup:
    1966 Fender Jazz Bass, Sonic Blue refin
    1989 G & L SB-2 with 1982 neck (G & L club #359)
    2012 ASAT-Jazz B'n'M (1992 ASAT Bass neck on Squier VM body)
    2012 Fretless build Oly W/Tort (ESP Fretless neck on Squier CV body) (Fretless club #644)
    2013 FGW Custom Cowpoke Precision, Stained ash & RW
    2015 FGW Custom P, Black and Maple
    2014 USA Fender Jaguar Bass
    1976-79 Ampeg V4 (Club #114)
    Aguilar DB751 (Club #170)
    Aguilar TH500
    Aguilar DB212 (two of these)
    Tech21 SansAmp RBI preamp
    A.R.T. SLA-2 one-unit rack amplifier
    Laney B-2 (2x10, enclosure only)
    Laney NXP 15 cabinet
    Dynacord Eminent "EMT" amp
    Dynacord Eminent II amp
    Dynacord Imperator amp
    Dynacord G-2000 amp
    Dynacord D 340 cabinet
    TC RS112 cabinet

    EHX Enigma: QBalls for Bass
    Boss SYB-5, Roland EV-5 pedal
    Markbass Super Synth (Club #255)
    MXR envelope Filter
    BMC (Bass Mid Control)
    EHX Black Finger
    EHX Bass Metaphors
    Moog Moogerfooger Bass Murf
    TC Electronic Corona Chorus
    T.C. Electronic Polytune
    T.C. Electronic Polytune Mini
    BBE Sonic Stomp
    Boss TU-2
    Korg DTR-2000
    Mooer Blue Comp
    Mooer Sweeper for Bass
    Favorite Genres:
    Rock, alternative country
    Gigs and Ensembles:
    "Ängry Nerds" cover band project with former workmates
    Previously Owned Gear:
    1990's Trace Elliot 200 W amp + 1x15 cab
    Markbass Little Mark II
    Ampeg V4BH
    Ampeg Micro VR & 2x10 cabs
    Peavey 1x18" cabinet
    T. C. Electronic BH 250 amp
    2007 Fender American Deluxe Precision Bass
    1984 G & L L-1000
    1990's Carvin LB20 Bass (if memory serves me right)
    1981 G & L L-2000 E refurbisherd RW fretboard
    1974 Fender Precision Bass (Club #428)
    1978 Fender Telecaster bass (Flatwounds Club #2)
    1983 G & L L-1000 mahogany/maple
    1984 G & L El Toro
    1987 G & L Interceptor Bass
    1974 Fender Telecaster Bass (Club #1; FTB Club #8, B n' M Club #...)
    2012 ASAT-Jazz 3TBurst (1990 ASAT Bass neck on luthier body)
    G.A.S. List:
    Aguilar SL112, SL212 or SL410/SL410x cabinets
    Influences and Teachers:
    All of TB!
    Billy Talbot (Crazy Horse)
    Donald Dunn
    Randy Newman's left hand

    Teacher: Mikko Löytty (Finnish session player)
    Hobbies and Interests:
    Endurance sports, outdoors, Japanese spitz-style breeds esp. Kishu


    "It doesn't matter that it's Billy Talbot. It's just the music that matters." -Billy Talbot for Rolling Stone
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