Dec 23, 2003
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Moderator, Male, from Michigan

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    Home Page:
    Current Setup:
    Sadowsky Modern
    Sadowsky PJ
    Sadowsky JJ Will Lee
    Tobias Killer B

    Compressor Reviews:
    Previously Owned Gear:
    Benavente Vortex #1 prototype
    Bossa UJB-5
    Brubaker Brute modified with Bartolini electronics
    Carvin SB001
    Charvel Surfcaster
    D'Mark Alpha
    D’Mark Jazz
    Devon #1816
    Devon #1818
    Devon #1906
    Devon #2023
    Dingwall ABZ
    Elrick Evolution 5
    Elrick New Jazz Standard 5
    F Bass BN5 natural enhanced grain gloss
    F Bass VF5 Brownburst satin
    F Bass VF5 Brownburst gloss
    Fender Elite Jazz Ash/Maple
    Fender Elite Jazz Alder/Ebony
    Fender MIM Jazz Deluxe
    Fender Roscoe Beck V
    Fender Roscoe Beck V modified with Audere preamp
    Fender American Deluxe Jazz
    Fender Dimension V HH Ash
    Fender Dimension V HH Ash (yes, a second one)
    Fodera Imperial Elite
    Fodera Monarch Deluxe
    G&L M2500 USA Blackburst Ash w/binding
    G&L M2500 USA Blackburst Ash w/matching headstock
    G&L M2500 USA Blueburst with binding Ash birdseye maple board
    G&L M2500 Tribute Ash
    G&L L2500 USA fretless natural Ash
    G&L L2500 USA natural Ash
    G&L L2500 USA Blueburst Ash w/binding
    G&L L2500 USA Blueburst rosewood board
    G&L L2500 Tribute Ash
    G&L L2500 Tribute Flamed Maple carved top
    G&L L2500 USA Blackburst Ash w/binding; flamed maple top; ebony fingerboard
    Gould GGi5
    Human BaseX.oc5
    Ken Smith BSR5 Maple
    Ken Smith BSR5 Lacewood
    Ken Smith BMT Tiger Stripe
    Ken Smith Black Tiger
    Lakland 55-02 Ash
    Lakland 55-02 Ice Blue LTD
    LEH Offset PJ
    Maruszcyck Frog Mahogany/Mutunye
    Maruszczyk Frog Ash/padouk
    Maruszczyk Jake 5a
    Maruszczyk C3PU
    Mayones Jabba Super Jazz
    Mayones Prestige
    Mayones Patriot
    MTD 535-21 Burl over tulipwood; Wenge neck/goard
    MTD 535-24 Quilt Maple over ash; Wenge neck/board
    MTD 535-24 Buckeye Burl over ash; Ash neck/birdseye board
    MTD 534-24 Rosewood top over big leaf maple (neckthru)
    MTD 534 “Old Man Jenkins”
    MTD Norm Stockton Saratoga
    Musicman Sterling
    Musicman 25th Anniversary
    Musicman Stingray Special HH
    Pavel Hadara Custom 5 (famous headstock repair bass)
    Peavey Dynabass
    Peavey Cirrus Custom Shop 5 string
    Pedulla Thunderbass ET5 Quilt Maple
    Pedulla Thunderbass ET5 Cocobolo
    Pedulla Pentabuzz
    Paul Reed Smith GG5
    Reverend Mercalli 20th Anniversary
    Ristola Exotic Series Walnut/Ash
    Roscoe LG-3005 Cedar with burl top
    Roscoe LG-3005 Ash with quilt top
    Roscoe LG-3005 fretless Cocobolo top over Ash
    Roscoe LG-3005 Redwood over Mahogany
    Roscoe SKB Custom Koa top and back
    Roscoe SKB3005 Madrone burl over cedar
    Roscoe SKB3005 Myrtle burl over cedar
    Roscoe Century JJ Quilt maple top
    Roscoe Century Quilt Aguilar Electronics
    Sadowsky Metro Modern
    Sadowsky NYC Modern
    Sadowsky MetroExpress Tobacco Burst
    Sadowsky NYC Satin Modern
    Sadowsky NYC Satin PJ
    Sadowsky 2020 LTD Masterbuilt
    Sadowsky NYC Will Lee
    Sadowsky NYC Jazz
    Sadowsky German J/MM
    Sadowsky German J/MM Limited Edition
    Sandberg VM5
    Sire Marcus Miller V7 natural Ash
    Sire Marcus Miller V7 Tobacco Burst Ash
    Sire Marcus Miller M7 ash with flame maple top
    Sire P7 Ash
    Skjold Slayer
    Spector Euro 5XL maple Cherry burst
    Spector Euro 5XL poplar burl
    Spector Euro 5XL maple Amber Burst
    Spector RST
    Spector NS5-H2
    Spector NS-5 Helium Sycamore/redwood
    Tobias Classic 6 (Gibson) Quilt maple over wenge over walnut
    Tobias Classic 5 (Gibson) Bubinga over wenge over alder
    Tobias Classic #1030 (pre-Gibson) Gonçalo Alves/Walnut
    Tobias Basic #666 (pre-Gibson)
    Tobias Basic Fretless #644 (pre-Gibson)
    Pre-Gibson Tobias Classic 5 #1969
    Tobias Signature #659 (pre-Gibson)
    Tobias Signature (Gibson) Flame Maple/Wenge/Flame Maple (the "oreo cookie" Tobias)
    Tobias Growler (Gibson) gloss finish
    Tobias Growler(Gibson) oil finish (owned twice now)
    Tobias Growler Fretless (Gibson) oil finish
    Tobias Killer B Lacewood gloss finish
    Tune Korean TWB 5 neck thru
    Tune Japan TWB5 Mahogany body, maple top
    Tune Japan TWB5 Walnut Top over Mahogany
    Valenti #158
    Warrior custom 6 bubinga/walnut
    Warrior DM 5 Ash/buckeye
    Warrior DM 5 Ash/Rosewood top
    Warrior custom 5 neckthru maple/bubinga
    Warwick Streamer LX Redwood Limited Edition
    Warwick Streamer 2011 LTD
    Warwick Corvette $$
    Warwick Thumb NT 5 string
    Warwick Streamer JJ
    Warwick Streamer $$
    Warwick Streamer soapbars
    Xotic Provintage Jazz V
    Xotic XB2
    Zon Sonus 5

    Hartke amps and cabs
    Line 6 Bass Pod
    Galien Kreuger amps
    GK cabs
    Genz-Benz heads
    SWR Headlite
    SWR Amplite
    SWR Son of Bertha
    SWR Goliath JR III

    Broughton P-15
    Broughton Super a stack
    Sonicfarm 2DI4
    Sushi Box Particle Accelerator
    Shift-Line Olympic MKIII
    Two Notes Le Bass
    Atomic Bass Box
    NUX Melvin Lee Davis
    Grace Alix
    Suncoast F2p
    Submarine Designer
    Xotic Tri-Logic
    Meridian Trinity
    Marleaux Tonwerk
    Hao Bassliner
    WRA Goliath
    Lightstone Emperor
    Lightning Boy DiVision
    JT Amps Alpha
    Sushi Box finally
    Sushi Box Slampegg Bee
    G.A.S. List:
    Pre-Gibson Tobias Basic quilt maple
    Influences and Teachers:
    Ric Fierabracci
    Tommy Sims
    Jackie Street
    JJ Plasencio
    Michael Manring
    Hobbies and Interests:
    Violin, S.C.U.B.A., computers, saltwater aquariums
    I also play the violin.

    Check out my compressor pedal review shootout:


    More than 100 compressors reviewed!

    SCUBADUBA'S TUBE PREAMP/DI SOUND SAMPLES: Noble, Oracle, Jule, Broughton, REDDI, Fatboy, Tonecraft, Kahn, Sonic Farm, more!

    Scubaduba is my user name because I love to S.C.U.B.A.