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Mar 27, 2017 at 11:07 PM
Sep 29, 2006
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April 2
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Greensboro, NC
Qorvo, Sr. Project Manager, RF Solutions


When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro, Male, from Greensboro, NC

Gold Supporting Member

Ampeg B2R, SKB Roto-Molded 2U Rack Case in Classifieds: Amps, Preamps and Cabinets Feb 4, 2017

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Mar 27, 2017 at 11:07 PM
    1. ShirazBop
      Ampeg B2R, SKB Roto-Molded 2U Rack Case in Classifieds: Amps, Preamps and Cabinets
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    2. ShirazBop
      Ampeg B2R, PortaBass PB215H, SKB Roto-Molded 2U Rack Case in Classifieds: Amps, Preamp and Cabinets
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    3. ShirazBop
      Ampeg B2R, PortaBass PB215H, SKB Roto-Molded 2U Rack Case For Sale in Talkbass Classifieds: Amps
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    4. ShirazBop
      The sooner you get behind, the more time you have to catch up
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    5. ShirazBop
    6. ShirazBop
    7. ShirazBop
      The sooner you get behind, the more time you have to catch up,...
    8. ShirazBop
      Got a Mint Musicman SR5 1H in the Classifieds!
    9. ShirazBop
      ,...looking for a Black and Maple Pearloid Blocked Fender Deluxe Jazz V,...
    10. ShirazBop
      The sooner you get behind, the more time you have to catch up,...
    11. ShirazBop
      2015 is shaping up nicely: new Amp head and new Bass purchased and on the way within the first 2 weeks!!!
    12. ShirazBop
      The sooner you fall behind the more time you have to catch up...
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    13. ShirazBop
      For Sale: 2012 Fender American Standard Precision V Oly White/Rosewood
    14. ShirazBop
      FS-EC 2012 Fender P5 in the classifieds!
    15. ShirazBop
      Fixin' to put the Oly/Rose P5 up in the classified! Red n' Maple's gettin' all the love,...
    16. ShirazBop
      What's best path for a 5 string fretless Fender Precision?. Thinking maple board w/ cheater marks.. maybe J pup in the 70's position..
    17. ShirazBop
      Wow! New New Look!
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    April 2
    Home Page:
    Greensboro, NC
    Qorvo, Sr. Project Manager, RF Solutions
    Current Setup:
    1977 Fender Precision, de-fretted Black n' Maple: in 1981, added Pyramid Guitars of Detroit humbucker in bridge position. Configured Master Tone, Mater Volume with a blade 3-way switch (Neck, Both Bridge) Had the frets pulled and filled with epoxy by Pyramid as well. GOTOH top loader bridge (replaced a BadASS 1 that was on there before).Major Growl and Bell toned sustain, heavy instrument, probably Northern Ash.

    Precision parts bass: Fender Fiesta Red MIM '50 body, Warmoth shaped down maple/maple neck, tung oiled back, GOTOH 28:1 vintage tuners, GOTOH 201 top loader bridge, Bill Lawrence P-46 and J-45L in bridge position: configured Master Tone, Mater Volume with a blade 3-way switch (Neck, Both Bridge)

    2011 Fender Precision V, 60th Anniversary Neck plate, Candy Cola Red, Maple neck, 100% Stock...1st 5 string purchased 19mm spacing

    2015 Fender Precision V, American Standard, Olympic White, Rosewood fretboard, mandatory Tort pickguard. 100% Stock, A beefier 10 lb'er, adds to her sustain!

    2015 Fender Precision V, American Standard, Black with Black pick guard and Maple fretboard, lighter weight at 8.8 lbs (feels lighter) , will possible add a J-Bridge pick up with a 3 way blade like my 4 bangers.

    2013 Fender American Deluxe Dimension H V, Another Black and Maple goodness to the arsenal! Hopefully scratches the itch my previously owned Musicman SR5, G&L MJ5 and Fender J5 couldn't,...

    Spirit by Steinberger 4 string headless wonder...travel bass... residing in Dallas when I travel there...

    Aguilar Tone Hammer 500, Aguilar DB112NT (Boss Tweed)
    Ampeg Portabass PB800, PB250, PortaBass PB110H, PB112H cabinets
    Sadowsky external DI (not using so much these days)

    ***For Sale: Ampeg B2R, PortaBass, SKB Roto-Molded 2U Shallow Rack Case

    TC Electronics PolyTune
    EBS Chorus
    Sadowsky Blues (med gauge nickels)
    Comfort Strapp (short)
    SKB and Fender ATA cases, Mono Bass Sleeve (love this product)

    Other club-d-dub-dubs...
    ShirazBop-#340 Fender Jazz Bass club, #350 mediocre bassist club, #190 Official Fender Precision club, #40 Aguilar Club, #26 Old Basstards, #47 Fretless Club, #569 5 String
    Favorite Genres:
    Christian, Fusion, Jazz, Southern Rock, Rock, Country, Blues, Motown
    Gigs and Ensembles:
    Formerly: Lovers Lane United Methodist Church, Crosswalk, }Inside Out} Youth & Celebrate Recovery Contemporary Christian Worship. In Minneapolis: Prairie Lutheran (Summer) and Oak Hills Church (AG), Currently supporting the Praise Team at Cornerstone Baptist Church here in Greensboro, NC. God is Good!
    Previously Owned Gear:
    2012 Fender American Standard Jazz V, Candy Cola Red, Maple neck, stock... 2nd 5 string purchased,..100% Stock

    2013 Musicman Stingray 5, One piece Ash in Translucent Gold with Rosewood board, Tort Guard,.. 100% Stock 1st 17.5mm spacing,..and didn't like it.

    2015 G&L MJ5, One piece Ash in Blonde with Rosewood board,..100% Stock, 2nd 17.5mm spacing. Decided between already having Fender Precision V , Jazz V and Musicman SR5, this really could be done without.

    1999 Fender Hot Rod Precision, Natural Ash, Maple board, mandatory Tort guard,.. 100% Stock. Great Instrument, just not playing 4's anymore,...

    2014 Squire VM Precision 5, Candy Apple Red, Maple neck, was thinking to mod this to a Fretless P/J,...

    2012 Fender Precision V, Olympic White, Rosewood, Tort, stock... Last 5 string purchased, 1st 5 string sold. Decided the Candy Cola / Maple 60th Anniversary P5 would be sufficient. great bass and was sad to have to let her go,...

    2013 sell off: Major reduction in the 4 string arsenal:
    MXR Phase 90
    EBS Octabass
    Ampeg SVT DI Tube injection box

    1999 Fender MIA Standard Precision, Rosewood board Ash Natural, tort guard, Bill Lawrence P-46 pickups, +8.5 lbs light, 1.625" shallow C neck. GOTOH 28:1 vintage style tuners, GOTOH string through bridge. (Longest owning besides my Black and Maple Fretless.)

    Dakota Red/White guarded Warmoth '72 Precision P/J configured 3-way blade / Vol / Tone... Beautiful flamed rosewood board Fender Japanese Squire neck (thanks Eric). Currently loaded with Seymor Duncan SPB-2 and Hot Stack JB, GOTOH top loader. ~8.4 lbs light.

    Original Mid 80's Fender MIJ Precision: Oly White, Beautiful Rosewood board, Tort guarded . ~8.4 lbs light.

    Original Late 80's Fender MIJ Precision: Black 'n Maple, White guarded Precision. Great neck. ~8 lbs light. Picked up an extra non-original black pick guard for her.

    2008 Fender MIA Precision, 3T burst, maple neck. Seymour Duncan 1/4 Lb'er, black pick guard, otherwise stock. Acquired through even up trade for my CIJ '51 Re-Issue. 8.05 lbs light.

    Fender / Warmoth Black and Maple Standard Jazz: MIM Fender Black body, Warmoth flame maple/flame maple neck. GOTOH top loader bridge, Bill Lawrence pickups. Stacked Vol/Tone configuring. 10.45 lbs.

    2006 Fender CIJ '51 re-issue, 2T burst Swamp ash, Maple board, modified with 4 saddle string through bridge, SD 1/4 pounder PUP. +8 lbs light, wonderful neck: 1.625" but fuller front to back then the MIA P (traded for the 2008 MIA Precision)

    MIA Fender Jaco Artist Series (decided I'm really a P-Bass guy...vintage de-fretted Precision serves the "mwah" need...) Regret selling this one...

    CIJ Jaco Fretless Jazz reissue
    Ibanez AEB10
    G&L L2000
    '74 Fender Musicmaster (1st bass, why did I sell this???
    '74 Fender P rosewood board, Ash Natural, stock....replaced with the '99...still wish I hadn't sold this one... ;^(

    Custom Fretless built around an original '79 roswood unlined P bass fretless neck, Bubinga topped alder body P-Bass, SD 1/4 lb PUP, single stack knob (vol/tone) control to maximize "woodage". GOTOH 201 bridge

    Custom Maple figured on Alder body, Warmoth Ebony board Necked Jazz (SD 1/4 pups, All Parts
    high mass string through bridge, Schaller tuners)

    Aguilar DB112 boss tweed cabinets (wish I still had this one,...) Thunderfunk TFB 550B (more amp then I really needed or could justify... scaling down a bit...)
    Genz Benz Neo-Pak 3.5 (w/2 ohm conversion)
    Ampeg PB-800 amp, Ampeg PB 210 H, PB 212 H, PB 110 H speakers (Thunderfunk replaced)
    Ampeg BA115HP (good tone, hernia inflictor)
    Acoustic 220 (vintage rig)
    JBL-K145 15inch drivers in a SUNN 215B Cab
    Sunn Concert Bass 200W
    Fender Musicmaster Bass amp (1st rig)
    G.A.S. List:
    Would love a Fretless Fender P/J V but they don't make one,...yet... Maybe also an Aguilar Boss Tweed DB112 to pair up with the DB112NT just purchased for the Church Rig,..
    Influences and Teachers:
    Jaco, J. Berlin, S. Clarke, R. Armstrong, B. Oakley, W. Bascomb, C. Squire, Lee (Will and Geddy), Dave Holland, Percy Jones, P. Chambers, M. Egan, G. Willis, Monk, Miles, Coltrane, FZ, Dave Douglas, Jason Moran, Jeff Beck, Allan Holdsworth: Teachers: Jay Delany, Phil McNeese, CKLW radio in the '60's...
    Hobbies and Interests:
    Abiding in Christ Jesus, raising my Daughters, Witnessing to others, Wine collecting, staying healthy, Photography, Hiking, boating with my Love.


    - Christian Bassist #58, Fender Precisions Club #42, Fender P5 Club
    - Black 'n' Maple Club #41, Fender Fretless Club #5
    - Ampeg Club #73, Aguilar Club #40
    - For Sale Stuff: https://www.talkbass.com/threads/am...skb-roto-molded-2u-shallow-rack-case.1263918/