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May 21, 2017 at 3:36 PM
Nov 25, 2007
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December 10
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Eugene, OR


from Eugene, OR

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May 21, 2017 at 3:36 PM
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    December 10
    Home Page:
    Eugene, OR
    Current Setup:

    Steinberger XL2A ('84 transition model)
    Steinberger L2UF ('84 unlined fretless)
    Kubicki Factor 4 fretless (34" scale)
    DiPinto USA Custom Shop Belvedere Deluxe (neck-through, semi-hollow - the Jamaaladeen Tacuma commissioned prototype for the common Korean model)
    Fender CS '64 Relic Jazz (w/Status Graphite neck, Status pickups, Delano preamp)

    Amps and Cabs:

    Mesa Walkabout Scout 12 combo
    Crown K1 power amp
    2 Acme Low B-2 (4 ohm, ser. II) cabs

    Pedals and Accessories:

    Pedalboard Junction A/B/Y pedal (customized to provide phantom power to my Steinberger)
    Barge Concepts VFB-2 Blend/Feedback Loop pedal
    MSLP Blood Fuzz pedal
    Mammoth clone fuzz pedal
    3XFX Fatman/V2 oscillator fuzz pedal
    EBS Octabass (grey label)
    Devi Ever 05/25 clean/dirty boost pedal
    Devi Ever Dark Boost thick/dirty boost pedal
    MXR Carbon Copydelay pedal
    Dunlop DC Brick
    Pedaltrain Jr. pedal board
    George L's cables
    Evidence Audio Lyric HG cables
    Tony Levin Funk Fingers
    Gigs and Ensembles:
    Previously Owned Gear:
    NS Design US-5 EUB
    Kubicki Ex Factors (Kubicki and Fender CS made)
    Rickenbacker 4001 (early '70s model)
    Rickenbacker 4003 (~2000)
    '74 Fender Jazz
    Aguilar DB659 preamp
    Acoustic Image Focus SA (ser. III)
    Gallien Krueger 800rb
    Bag End S18B-D
    Hartke 410XL
    Aphex 661 Expressor
    EBS Multicomp pedal (grey label)
    Aguilar DB 924 outboard preamp
    Trace Elliot SMX Dual Compressor pedal
    Boss SYB-3 Bass Synth pedal
    Boss CEB-3 Bass Chorus pedal
    Hobbies and Interests:
    Philosophy, Film


    "The attempt to deduce the world in words from a principle, is the behavior of someone who would like to usurp power instead of resisting it." - T.W. Adorno