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Aug 25, 2010
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The Great Midwest
Ampeg Sub-Blaster SCP-OCT Sub Octave Pedal


Patiently Waiting For The Next British Invasion, Male, from The Great Midwest

My mother just called me a "reliable disappointment" I'm not sure what it means but I don't think it's a good thing? Dec 15, 2014

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Apr 17, 2024 at 6:55 AM
    1. SirMjac28
      My mother just called me a "reliable disappointment" I'm not sure what it means but I don't think it's a good thing?
    2. SirMjac28
      I'm looking for a drone that can carry a bowling ball it doesn't have to be military grade but that would be nice.
    3. SirMjac28
      I wonder if Santa is a smoker? because I always find cigarette butts in my gifts.
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    4. SirMjac28
      I actually thought Murder She Wrote was a very well written program.
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    5. SirMjac28
      I wish everyone a safe Veterans day
    6. SirMjac28
      " That's not correct I wasn't kicked out I was asked to leave"
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    7. SirMjac28
      I just noticed I haven't used the word "machismo" in years so I would like to correct that thank you.
    8. SirMjac28
      " Don't try anything I have a small pocket knife but it's really,really sharp"
    9. SirMjac28
      Goodbye 1st Gen iPad hello iPad Air 2 now when it crashes I can at least look cool.
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    10. SirMjac28
      I think my brain just had a heart attack
    11. SirMjac28
      Missing the days when Saturday Night Live was funny
    12. SirMjac28
      You know it's a fancy restaurant when they serve you those really long green beans.
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    13. SirMjac28
      blue horseshoe loves anacott steel
    14. SirMjac28
      I'm going to try and avoid Ebola like the plague.
    15. SirMjac28
      I called about getting some seats on the Cowboy's bandwagon and there's nothing available until December.
    16. SirMjac28
      Smile you know you want to :)
    17. SirMjac28
      Best Family Guy ever the Griffins go to Springfield.
    18. SirMjac28
      I actually thought "From Justin to Kelly" was a great film
    19. SirMjac28
      Having lived through a Sharknado I can tell you firsthand my scars both physical and mental are permanent .
    20. SirMjac28
      Lost my best friend in the world yesterday may she rest in peace love always.
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    The Great Midwest
    Ampeg Sub-Blaster SCP-OCT Sub Octave Pedal
    Current Setup:
    Fender Rumble 200 V3


    Squier Paranormal Jazz Bass '54
    1986 Ibanez RB999 Roadstar II ( FujiGen )
    1968 (x2) Greco Beatle Basses
    Hofner CAVERN Reisue Beatle Bass HI-CA-PE-SB

    Pedals and Effects

    Zoom B6
    1984 Boss CS-2 Compression Sustainer
    80's DOD FX-87 Edge
    80's Boss EH-2 Enhancer
    Saturn Works Double Parallel Blender Loop pedal
    Yamaha Nathan East NE-1
    Fulltone GT500 Distortion
    Loop-Master Clean/Dirty Switcher Pedal
    Barge Concepts VB-jr
    3 Leaf Audio Little Black Box
    One Note Loop Switch
    Broughton Audio High Pass Filter


    2017 Epiphone Limited Edition Riviera Custom P93 Electric Guitar
    2017 Line 6 James Tyler® Variax®
    2001 Fender Strat
    Early 90's Epiphone LP Standard
    A large number of 60's era MIJ guitars

    Guitar Amp

    Vox AC10C1
    Favorite Genres:
    50's thru 90's Rock,RnB,Reggae,Country,Funk,Punk,Jazz
    Gigs and Ensembles:
    Currently playing in my music room Mondays thru Fridays free cover until 10:00 p.m
    Previously Owned Gear:
    Amps and cabs

    71' Ampeg Portaflex SB-12
    Genzler Bass Array 10-2 cabinet
    Ampeg B500DR
    Genzler MG350
    Orange AD200B MKIII amplifier
    Orange OBC410 Bass Cabinet
    Ampeg PF115LF
    Ampeg PF-50T
    Ampeg Heritage SVT
    Ampeg Heritage 410 HLF
    T.C Electronic BH500
    Mesa Boogie Road Ready 4x10
    Eden WTX264
    Fender Bassman T.V. Duo Ten
    Warwick Profet 5.2
    Gallien-Krueger Backline 410BLX
    Ampeg SVT Classic
    Eden Nemesis N12S 1x12'' bass combo
    Acoustic 260 100W 1x10 Bass Mini Stack
    Mesa Boogie M3 Carbine with creme tolex
    Ampeg V4B
    Ampeg SVT212AV
    Phil Jones Double Four
    Ibanez Promethean P3110 bass combo
    Markbass CMD JB Players School 200W 1x15 Bass Comb
    Orange Crush Bass 100 Combo Amp w/foot pedal
    Phil JonesBass BP400 Bass Guitar Amplifier Head 350 Watts
    (x2)Phil Jones Bass C4 Compact Bass Guitar Speaker Cabinet 400 Watts


    1993 USA Fender Jazz Bass Plus Deluxe
    2018 Bass Mods Q5 with Sims Super Quad Pickups
    2018 Maruszczyk Jazzus 4a
    2008 Hofner CT (Lucy) vintage modded by TB'er Peacefrog35
    Hofner Icon Club Bass
    Hofner 185 CT
    Mark Hoppus Precision
    National six string fretless acoustic bass
    Certain Bass Elita four string
    Epiphone EB-3
    Trekker Pro Star five string
    Fender Precision Bass Special (cowpoke)
    2002 MIM Jazz
    Hohner B Bass four string
    Jay Turser JTB-401(x2)
    Martin BCPA4 Acoustic Bass
    Fender Big Block Precision
    1979 Epiphone Genesis Bass
    2002 MIM Precision with repro 72 wiring harness and a Curtis Novak Charlie Christian pickup.
    2012 MIJ Sting Precision
    2014 Gibson SG Special
    1982 Peavey T-45
    Warwick German Thumb BO
    2015 G&L USA L-2000
    Line 6 Variax 700 four String
    2018 Sterling Ray35
    2004-2005 MIJ Marcus Miller Signature Jazz
    1978 Fender Precision
    1989-1990 Fender '62 Reissue Precision Bass MIJ Fuji-Gen
    1980's Aria Pro II Cardinal Series CSB-380
    2018 Fender Flea Signature Roadworn Jazz Bass Guitar
    1980 Vantage - VP-710B
    1993 Guild B4CE NT


    Siegmund Missing Link Tube Boost
    Ampeg Sub-Blaster SCP-OCT
    Turbo RAT modified by Diecast Electronics
    80's DOD FX-32 Meatbox
    Frequency Central Mission Control Submini Tube Overdrive.
    Baddy1Shoe Honeycomb Overdrive
    DOD FX 25
    B.Y.O.C Para EQ
    Saturnworks Custom Blender Pedal
    Frantone Lo-Tone Classic Fuzz
    Tech 21 VT Bass Deluxe
    EHX Humdebugger
    The Force custom boost pedal
    HBE Hematoma Bass Pre/Driver
    Tubeworks Blue Tube Bass Driver
    Polish Love pedal
    EBS Valve Drive
    Source Audio programmable EQ
    Maxon DS830
    MXR Octive Deluxe
    Black Russian Muff
    Creation Audio MK 4.23
    Darkglass B7K Finnish
    Empress Multidrive
    AMT Bass Crunch Preamp
    Wounded Paw Battering Ram
    Dr Scientist The Elements
    Toadworks Roundabout Looper
    MXR M87 Comp
    Darkglass Electronics B3K Finnish
    ROG Ampeg Flipster pedal
    Markbass Super Booster
    BBE Sonic Stomp
    Aguilar Agro
    Tri-logic II Preamp
    MXR Micro Amp
    Kaisser Instruments Priapos
    F.E.A Growler
    Empress Compressor
    Line 6 Bass Pod XT Live
    Iron Ether Nimbus Reverb
    Empress Paraeq
    Eden WTDI Preamp
    Tronographic Rusty Box
    Creation Audio Holy Fire
    Tube Works Blue Tube Enhancer 903
    Fromel Shape Eq
    3Leaf Audio The Enabler
    Aguilar Tone Hammer
    Tech 21 VT Bass v2
    EH Steel Leather Pedal
    Darkglass B7K U.S
    Fryette Valvilator Tube Buffer
    Darkglass Vintage Microtube
    Hao Rust Ride Bass Driver
    Boom Stick Bottom feeder
    Mesa V1 Bottle Rocket Tube Pedal
    Skreddy Zero Pedal
    Mountainking Electronics Behemoth II Preamp/OD
    Arc Effects Green Muff Pedal
    Fuzzrocious Dark Driving
    Sadowsky outboard preamp
    DOD Rubberneck Analog Delay Pedal with Tap Tempo
    Two Notes Torpedo Cab
    Ictineo Preamp/EQ
    Darkglass B3K V2
    Darkglass Microtubes Vintage Overdrive
    WMD Protostar Envelope Filter
    Wounded Paw Battering Ram
    Fuzzrocious BDPG
    Verellen Meatsmoke Preamp
    Guttermouth Low Pass Filter
    Dr Scientist The Cleanness
    Mountainking Electronics Behemoth I Preamp
    Schumann Electronics The Lion Pedal
    Line 6 Bass POD
    ElectroniX Submarine Preamp Pedal
    Darkglass BK3 U.S
    Darkglass BK3 Finnish
    Swell B-Pro V3 Tube Pedal
    Stephenson Amplification Fix My Duck Buffer/Boost pedal.
    Fodera 2011 Preamp Pedal
    F Bass Big F Boost Preamp Pedal
    Zoom MS-60B
    SFX Sounds AY2u (Nathan East NE-1 clone)
    F.E.A DE-CL Compressor Limiter
    The Nose Volume pedal
    Lights On the Way Out Tube Preamp
    BBE Acoustimax Preamp pedal
    [sfx] Micro Thumpinator
    Avalon U5
    Frantone Bass Sweet Fuzz
    Moog MF 101 w/Moog EP3 Expression pedal
    Idiot Box Effects Blower Box Distortion
    EHX Q-Tron
    Frantone Thunderhead Bass Booster
    Moog Midi Murf
    Zoom G5n Multi-Effects Guitar Pedal
    Haz Mutron lll Plus
    Zoom B3n Multi-Effects pedal
    Creation Audio Funkulator
    Origin Effects Cali76 Limiting Amplifier w/Transformer
    Broughton Audio Synth Voice Bass Analog Octaver
    Korg Miku Stomp
    Ampeg Classic Pre pedal
    VHT Valvulator Tube Buffer
    Tube Works Blue Tube
    Ampeg Sub-Blaster SCP-OCT Sub Octave Pedal
    Darkglass Super Symmetry Bass Compressor
    Fodera Private Practice Amp
    3Bookworm Effects
    BigWig Bass Driver V2
    Fulltone Fat Boost
    WMD Utility Parametric EQ Equalizer
    Walrus Audio Ryan Adams Signature Defcon4 Preamp Pedal
    1983 MIJ Boss Octaver
    G.A.S. List:
    Anything that says Rickenbacker even if it's just a box
    Ampeg B12 or B15
    Ampeg Baby Bass
    Vox Phantom IV Teardrop Bass
    Influences and Teachers:
    Sir Paul
    James Jamerson
    Stanley Clark
    Noel Redding
    Bernard Edwards
    Bootsy Collins
    Mark Hoppus
    Louis Johnson
    Donald 'Duck" Dunn
    Larry Graham
    Janice-Marie Johnson
    John Deacon
    Esperanza Spalding
    John Paul Jones
    Dee Murray
    Justin Meldal-Johnsen
    Rick James
    John McVie
    Bill Lee
    Hobbies and Interests:
    Guitar Collector
    List of TB Clubs I belong to.

    Ohio Bassists Club # 230
    Orange Club #183
    Honorary Wisconsin Bassist Member #10
    Pedal Breeders' Big Board Club #3
    Fuzzrocious Club #134
    Variax Bass Club #2
    Club Verellen #3
    Ampeg Club #1024
    Lone Wolf Club #5
    Moog Club #32
    Ampeg Portaflex Club #637
    #1509 in the Fender Rumble Club


    Ohio Bassists Club # 230 Honorary Wisconsin Bassist Member #10 Pedal Breeders' Big Board Club #3
    Orange Club #183 Fuzzrocious Club #134 Club Verellen #3 Lone Wolf Club #5 Moog Club #32 Ampeg Club #1024

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