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    United Kingdom
    Current Setup:
    Fender 2008 American Standard Precision
    ACG Custom
    ACG Custom Graft
    Purple Chili Phatbass Head and 112 cabs
    Aguilar TH500
    EHX Magnum 44
    Polytune Mini
    Origin Effects Cali76
    Maxon CP9 Pro+
    Digitech Bass Synth Wah
    Wren and Cuff Box of War
    Catalinbread SFT
    Cog Effects Custom Overdrive/Distortion "Kates Fury"
    3Leaf Enabler
    TC Electronics iB Modified Nova Delay
    Line6 Sonic Port
    Jamup & BIAS
    Radial JDI
    Diago Power Supplies
    Gigs and Ensembles:
    Box of Frogs
    Previously Owned Gear:
    Laney 150 watt Half Stack
    Laney RB1
    Marshall Regenerator, Echohead, Compressor
    EHX Micro Q tron, Nano Small Stone, Small Clone, SEM, Big Muff PI, LBM, BBM
    Morley PWO Wah
    Morley PWOV
    Crybaby Wah
    Line 6 LD300 Lowdown
    Line 6 FBV Express
    Line 6 Echo Park
    Boss CEB-3
    Daphon Compressor
    Korg DT-10
    Ibanez Weeping Demon
    Tone Factor Nebula
    Mojo Hand Cream Pie
    Ashdown MAG 300 C210 combo
    Genz Benz Shuttle 6.0
    Genx Benz Neox 112T
    Genz Benz Neox 212T
    Genz Benz Shuttle 3.0-10T
    Eden Nemesis N8
    Wren and Cuff Pickle Pie B
    Pedaltrain Jr HC
    BFM Omni10.5
    Hardwire DL8
    BBE Opto Stomp
    Tech 21 VT Bass
    Iceni Zoot 5 String Custom being built
    Hiwatt Custom 200 DR201
    Ashdown Little Bastard #041
    Mark Bass LM3
    Bergantino AE210
    Bergantino NV412
    EBS Session 60
    Korg Pitchblack+
    MXR M288 BOD, M188 Bass Auto Q
    Boss SYB-5, ODB-3
    DHA Fuzzy Feeling
    SFX Red Dragon Booster
    EHX, Bass Balls, NEO Clone, Nano Stone
    TS808 Clone
    Ibanez (Maxon) CP9
    X2 Wireless
    G.A.S. List:
    A fretless
    Influences and Teachers:
    Steve Harris
    Cliff Burton
    Duff Mckagan
    Chris Novoselic
    Hobbies and Interests:
    Learning Guitar, Power Kiting


    Lefty Union #118 (Play Righty), Praise & Worship #144, I don't has a Cream Pie #1
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