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Skullie's Recent Activity

  1. Skullie liked Basvarken's post in the thread Hybrid between Thunderbird & Flying V.

    I built a new bass. and I've named it the Brooks Thundervee It's a hybrid of a Thunderbird and a Flying V. - Neck through with Korina...

    brooks-thundervee-full-1500_orig.jpg brooks-thundervee-body-diagonal-1500_orig.jpg brooks-thundervee-headstock-1500_orig.jpg brooks-thundervee-tail-1500_orig.jpg brooks-thundervee-body-back-1500_orig.jpg brooks-thundervee-controls-close-1500_orig.jpg brooks-thundervee-full-diagonal-1500_orig.jpg brooks-thundervee-trussrod-cover-1500_orig.jpg brooks-thundervee-headstock-back-1500_orig.jpg May 6, 2021 at 8:32 PM
  2. Skullie liked Rockbobmel's post in the thread Screw the latest and greatest! 800RB Rules!.

    So we had our first practice last Friday in 14 MONTHS! and I had to piece together a rig. I dug out my GK 800RB (That I keep as a...

    May 5, 2021 at 7:13 PM
  3. Skullie liked JimmyM's post in the thread Geezer Butler signature pick ups.

    Right. I'm not "chasing Geezer's sound," I'm chasing MY sound. Just so happens that Geezer's pickup works for me best out of what I tried.

    May 4, 2021 at 5:00 PM
  4. Skullie liked 59jazz's post in the thread Music Man StingRay Club | PART FIVE.

    Well I purchased an incomplete project, started out as an 11lb Classic Stingray now it’s 8.5lbs. Didn’t want to build up for a matching...

    66AF1C2E-F1A3-45A2-B220-D488E93A3337.jpeg 1A95DE7D-269D-4884-8268-BEB9B3BBFF7A.jpeg 3C609026-A862-467A-B6EF-EAAE75489876.jpeg 7DFAF995-E63A-4100-874B-F3957586D3CE.jpeg 2950D3A7-45D8-4E94-BCB9-A5D5BC72CF63.jpeg F3A1BBEE-98AF-4A81-8FEB-84BD2048C8ED.jpeg May 4, 2021 at 12:43 PM

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