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skyline_01's Recent Activity

  1. skyline_01 liked Killing Floor's post in the thread Simple Pedalboard Build Play by Play.

    I decided to redo my boards and make a portable grab and go board that is also small enough I can use it with my practice setup. Point...

    upload_2021-5-9_19-55-39.png upload_2021-5-9_19-56-20.png upload_2021-5-9_19-57-24.png upload_2021-5-9_19-58-11.png upload_2021-5-9_19-58-41.png upload_2021-5-9_19-59-42.png upload_2021-5-9_20-0-59.png upload_2021-5-9_20-1-48.png May 10, 2021 at 10:52 AM
  2. skyline_01 liked tubatodd's post in the thread NBD - G&L Tribute LB100 (grape jelly sparkle).

    I've had the pleasure of having Marty Bell refinish my 2018 G&L Tribute LB100 bass in "grape jelly sparkle." In addition to the paint...

    IMG_20210509_090227925.jpg IMG_20210508_142230676_HDR.jpg IMG_20210508_132620289_HDR.jpg IMG_20210508_111241287_HDR.jpg IMG_20210329_171712650_HDR.jpg May 10, 2021 at 7:15 AM

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