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Slug Shell Basist
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Sep 13, 2020
Nov 25, 2014
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Slug Shell Basist

Male, from Wisconsin

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Sep 13, 2020
    1. PaulMadrid808
      Hey would you be willing to take $1000 for the dingwall?
      1. DiabolusInMusic likes this.
      2. Slug Shell Basist
        Slug Shell Basist
        Maybe 1250 since I will be eating the shipping cost.
        Mar 12, 2019
        DiabolusInMusic likes this.
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  • About

    Current Setup:
    98 Warwick Thumb NT 4 string
    90 Warwick Thumb NT 6 string
    00 Warwick Thumb BO 5 string
    12 Warwick Alien 6 string
    Epiphone Ripper 4 string
    Conklin Groove Tools 7 string
    Ibanez GIO starter guitar
    Alverez acoustic guitar

    Carvin R1000
    2 Overton 4x10 cabs (shaging massive sound)

    BOSS DD-7
    Idiotbox Blower Box
    Ditto Looper (Gold LTD ED)
    Darkglass B7K
    Digitech Bass Whammy
    Korg Pitchblack Tuner
    BOSS BF-3
    Favorite Genres:
    Metal, Prog, Jazz. just basically a lot of poopie that isn't country.
    Gigs and Ensembles:
    Previously Owned Gear:
    06 Warwick Streamer 6 string
    Ibanez SR506 fretless
    Peavey Mark Viii Bass head with matching 2x10 1x15 Cab
    Ibanez BTB SC 6 string
    G.A.S. List:
    Pedulla MVP fretless 6 string (blue burst)
    Warwick FNA Jazzman 5 string (red, green, blue,)

    BOSS OC-2 Japan
    BOSS Terra Echo*******very please*******
    Earthquaker Devices Dispatch Master
    Influences and Teachers:
    Ryan Martinie, John Myung, Jean Baudin, Janek Gwizdala, Bill Banwell, Or Lubianiker, Amon Amarth, Larry Graham, Louie Johnson, Jordan Eberhardt, Mark Michell, Jeroen Paul Thesseling, Stuart Zender, Andy Zepke(teacher), Victor Wooten, Marcuz Miller, ***ABSURDCUS*** Tosin Abasi, Amos Williams, Evan Brewer, Andy Saxton,
    Hobbies and Interests:
    Sports, Weightlifting, Video games, Beer, Whiskey, More beer, More Whiskey,
    Wisconsin Bassist Member #166
    Darkglass Club #136
    Warwick Lover


    Wisconsin Bassist Member #166
    Darkglass Club #136
    Warwick Lover
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